Your Free Copy of “The Mystery School Book of Secrets”

McBride’s Magic & Mystery School has a new book! Would you like to get a copy of it…for free?  If so, read on.
Did you know that each and every day McBride’s Magic & Mystery School will be holding free magic classes and hands-on training at the FISM convention in Quebec City? Jeff McBride, Dr. Larry Hass, Tobias Beckwith, Will Bradshaw, Scott Steelfyre, and the friends of Mystery School will be hosting daily and late night magic classes.
Subjects will range from Parlor Magic Classics, to Impromptu Masterpieces, to Mysteries from our Mentors, and even a special “Eugene Burger Night.” Here is our full schedule of classes and lectures.

Magic & Mystery School 3D Walkthrough
Take a look at the Magic & Mystery School installation with this amazing 3D walkthrough created by our own technowizard Scott Steelfyre.

The Mystery School Book of Secrets – Free!
This is our new (and until now, very secret) special interactive book/video compendium that will be given to each and every person who visits the Mystery School Room installation at this year’s FISM convention. This is the only way to obtain this book! 

The Mystery School Book of Secrets is free, compliments of our school, and will be given to registrants of the conference. The only way to get this book is to visit us in our Mystery School Room at FISM. We look forward to meeting you in Quebec and sharing our mysteries and magic with you!

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