The Four Downfalls

George Parker, faculty member of McBride’s Magic & Mystery School, is a bestselling author and creator of numerous magical solo theater shows. An internationally successful corporate speaker, storyteller, comedian, and stand-up illusionist, he has delivered over 5,500 custom keynotes and shows in over 35 countries. 

Help! Is There a Magician in the House?
While having breakfast in his home in Vermont, Bob Neale asked me,“Did I ever tell you about the four downfalls?” I answered him, “I don’t think you have.” He started to talk about what I now refer to as the Four Steps of Separation from our innate creative, and thus human, nature. Over time, the wording has changed for me, so I will paraphrase what Bob said. 
The Four Downfalls
First, we forget we imagined reality into existence. Everything around us – as well as the courses of our own lives – are the result of what we think, decide, how we behave and interact with others, and deal with circumstances and fate.
Once we have forgotten that, we start to think everything was, and always will be like it is now. We limit ourselves to what we think is possible based on current reality. As a result our growth and development stagnates. 
Once we’re in that mindset, we start to gather people around us who agree with us, and only take in information that aligns with our perspective. Once we’re in that bubble, we fall down one more time: we start to eliminate those who don’t agree with us. (See an animation I made –

Shock and Liberation
I was dumbfounded, and shocked, for two reasons.
Firstly, I had never heard the core of what’s driven me all of my life articulated in a more succinct way. When I was five, my father made a cigarette disappear right before me. Everything disappeared and I arrived in a state of wonder, before the downfalls.
Secondly, I became painfully aware of the fact that, although I climb out of it, I fall down frequently. I surround myself with my own tribe. When I read the news and I’m outraged, I sometimes have fantasies about people that would give even Freddy Krueger nightmares. 
Help, I’m Falling: Magician Needed!
Here’s when the magician comes in. He/she/them isn’t above these downfalls — quite the opposite. She/them/he experiences them all the time. The difference is that the magician is aware of the state of gradual separation from the soul, and the subsequent decline of life energy, or love, or whatever word you associate with it. 
As magicians we have a plethora of tools such as stories, magic effects, music, acting or anything else to help create a state of wonder. It can change lives, just like what happened to me when I was five years old, and many times after that.

We Heal Each Other
In true shamanistic fashion, this process of healing is reciprocal. In helping others to be in that state of wonder, the magician heals himself/herself/themselves. 
So whenever I notice I’m falling, I’ll either magish (I like that word that Albert Goshman used) for myself or for others. I may do it in a goofy, funny way, or a profound or theatrical way. It doesn’t matter. The only thing I intend to achieve is a daily portion of reconnection from which liberation will come. The rest will follow.
— George Parker

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