Stop Wasting Your Time – Get Your Act Together!

OK…you have lots of magic tricks, but not a real world-class show. What is your next step?

This could be the most important class you take in 2021.
This coming Saturday and Sunday is the time to get your act together. Now you can take the magic that you already own, and perform and learn professional techniques you can use to transform your individual effects into a fully formed magic experience! 

Get Your Act Together!
The 7 Stages of Show Flow!
An all-new Class with Jeff McBride

For the first time ever online, you can learn the real professional secrets to effective show building. 
Jeff McBride has been building shows for all types of venues from close-up to the largest theaters in the world. He’s worked with top professionals to design their shows, and to transform their business.
For all levels and experience. All classes will be recorded so you can watch on demand!

Whether your passion is close-up, parlor, or stage, the seven steps are essential ingredients to creating and building an effective show. You already have a repertoire of tricks, but now you can learn Jeff’s “real magic formula” that is tried, true, and tested among professionals in close-up venues, and on stages around the world.
Real Secrets – Real Teachings! The information in this class is not available on any DVD, video, or book!
In this unique class, jeff will share his 50 years of performing experience with you.

  • Learn how to grab the attention of the room. 
  • Learn how to tell your personal story in a powerful way.
  • Learn the real secrets of audience interaction and getting full participation.
  • Learn how to transition in between effects. This is where most performers fail.
  • Learn professional secrets on how to get the audience on their feet!
  • Learn new magic effects and routines to add to your repertoire.
  • Experience two wonderful days filled with wisdom, fellowship, and good cheer.

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Student of the Month – Willie Yee
Meet the Master of Vulcan Magic!

Willie Yee, M.D. came to magic late in life, at the age of 72, several years after he had retired from a career as a psychiatrist. He was involved in a Star Trek fan film project where he met Terry Morgan, a student of Walter Gibson. Terry took him under his wing, and soon declared that Dr. Yee was the fastest learning student he ever had. Dr. Yee decided to combine his passion for magic with his love of Star Trek and science fiction, and developed the character of S’kai, Vulcan’s Greatest Magician.
From the beginning however, his major motivation was to learn magic that he could use in his work as a Red Cross volunteer. He thought that magic would be a way to introduce himself to disaster survivors. “I soon found that magic was not an introduction to mental health interventions, but in fact was the intervention. Giving shelter residents a magical memory, not only lifts them out of a miserable situation, but generates a memory that can compete with the trauma of a disaster,” says Dr. Yee. He has since developed a program to teach Red Cross shelter volunteers magic so they can interact and perform with shelter residents. 
After several years of working with Terry Morgan, Terry said that it was time to move to the next level, and encouraged him to take a Master Class at the McBride Magic and Mystery School. “It was a life-changing experience. It changed not only how I did magic, but also the place that magic had in my life.” 
In 2020, he was able to adapt his shows to internet performance with the help of courses and another Master Class at the Mystery School. As a result, he was able to do more performances that year than he could have, had he only been doing in-person shows.  Dr Yee wishes you all to live long and prosper.
For more info on Willie’s magic:  
Honoring the Passing of Masters

Siegfried and Jeff set the night on fire at WONDERGROUND
(Photo Credit: Tim Wise)

Our magic community lost two great friends this month.
Siegfried was a frequent guest teacher here at Mystery School.
I had the honor of being Siegfried’s close-up magic teacher, and visited him often in his palatial home with partner Roy. The magic duo changed the face of magic with their epic style and show with wild animals. He was a great supporter of our magic school and shared his wisdom with many of our students. He will be greatly missed. His magic was truly inspiring!

David Roth is a legend in the world of magic. I had the pleasure of sharing many magical days with him at Tannen’s magic shop back in the 70’s & 80’s. David was quick to share his wisdom teachings with all the aspiring magicians who gathered around him.  I so loved his magical coin creations. David’s life and legacy will live on with his many contributions to our magic community …Bon voyage dear friend.
One more thought…

May the new year bring you good health and opportunities to explore new worlds of magic. 
Yours in the art of mystery 

Magic Words

Dear Friends:

Our guest columnist this month is team member Daryl Rogers. He is an Instructor at the Magic & Mystery School, acts as Assistant Media Manager for the school’s online classes and broadcasts, and is Producer of the Magic & Mystery School’s ‘Wisdom Wednesday’ programs.

Magic Words
by Daryl Rogers

“Words are, in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic, capable of both inflicting injury and remedying it.” – Albus Dumbledore

Words Create Reality

As magicians, we use words to create a reality for our audience. We carefully craft and edit our scripts to say exactly what we want to say, in the manner we wish to say it, with no extraneous verbiage. The words we use may tell something about ourselves, relate a story, describe our actions, or may be used in other ways to entertain, as we present a magic routine. These words, if organized and presented correctly, weave a spell for our audience, and create an entertaining and engaging memory of experiencing magic.

The words we use to communicate with others, not only relay our perception of our reality to them, but also recreate a reality for ourselves. For example, vocalizing a state of emotion tends to bring that emotion into being. If someone asks you how you are feeling, and you say “great!” that can influence the way that you actually feel. Words have the power to create realities, not only in magic shows, but in our lives as well.

THE Magic Word

When speaking of magic words, the first one that comes to mind for most people is “abracadabra.” The exact origin of the word is unknown. It makes its first appearance in print in the second century in the work Liber Medicinalis by Serenus Sammonicus. Sammonicus describes the word as meaning “let the thing be destroyed.” Those suffering medical afflictions would use it as a charm, and the ever-decreasing text would likewise cause the condition to disappear as well. 

Several popular folklore explanations are associated with the word – phrases in Hebrew that mean “I will create as I speak,” or in Aramaic, “I create like the word.” These meanings, though perhaps less historically accurate, are more in keeping with the meaning of the word as used by modern conjurors, if, in fact, the modern conjurer uses any “magic word” at all. We see an ever-declining use of traditional magic presentations in favor of modern, post-modern, and “organic” performances that deliberately avoid most, if not all, pretensions to classic magic style.

Magic needs a causality, and that is the essence of what the magic word invokes. What is your causality? The waving of a Sharpie? The muttering of a double entendre? A witty bon mot? You need to ask yourself if those choices are any more effective to your audience than the traditional, known, and acknowledged “true” magic word of abracadabra. If you take some time to explain the meaning of the word to your audience, perhaps that will help create a memory of your magic, long after the show is over.

Create YOUR Reality

For the past several years, I have been following Dean Larry Hass’s suggestion to complete a New Year’s assignment. It is similar to a list of New Year’s resolutions, but it is more than that. Let me share my version of it with you, so you can benefit from its potential.

You begin with a review of how well you did last year, and list all the significant accomplishments you have achieved. Next, set three personal and three business goals for the new year. Keep in mind that choosing specific words while mapping out your goals is of utmost importance. Print the list and put it where you can see it. Study your list daily, and if you like, read it out loud. Focus your attention on the words you have chosen, and take action steps to help bring your goals into reality.

As you begin the year, it is a good time to bring awareness to your vocabulary, and to the words that you use. If words can create reality, then what words will you use for your audience to create the reality you want them to see? What words will you use to create the kind of year you want to have? Words truly are magical. Revel in their power. Choose them and use them wisely. Let them help you create the future you wish for yourself and your audience.


Keep Your Magic Alive

So many magicians learn new effects, play with them for a few days, then put them in a drawer to collect dust and die!
There is another way! Bring your magic to life! I can teach you my “Real Magic Formula” that is tried, true, and tested among professionals in close up venues, and on stages all around the world.
This could be your most important class of the year! 

7 Secrets to creating a successful show
7 Essential Building Blocks 
+ 7 Great Routines

IMAGINE: YOU COULD take the magic that you already own and perform, and learn the techniques on how to transform your individual effects into a Full Magic Experience.

  • Learn how to grab the attention of the room.
  • Learn to tell your personal story in a powerful way.
  • Learn the real secrets of audience interaction and getting FULL participation.
  • Learn how to transition in between effects. This is where most performers fail.
  • Learn professional secrets on how to get the audience on their feet.
  • Learn new magic effects and routines to add to your repertoire.
  • Experience two wonderful classes filled with wisdom, fellowship, and good cheer.

This class is for all those who love magic and want to make a REAL show out of what they already know!
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MEETING THE MASTER …and the master is YOU!
This great clip shows EXACTLY how I work with new students.
It is a joy to share my techniques and experience with them, and to see them become their own master… WATCH!

Watch from 1:15 – 2:28
“The goal of the teacher is to help create students 
that transcend the teacher”
– Eugene Burger

Mystery School Student of the Month: BRADEN DANIELS
I love what I do!  Each day, I work on Zoom with my students. This month I’d like you to meet one of the progressive magicians I have had the pleasure of training. His name is Braden Daniels and I hope his words will inspire you.

Braden says, “Back in March, Jeff and the amazing faculty at the Magic & Mystery School opened up their doors to welcome in magicians from all over the world, as they began to offer an array of new classes for us online. I seized the opportunity to grow and develop.
The seed for change was planted in April with Tobias Beckwith’s Spring Training: Shifting Gears for Your Career, which started me thinking deeply about where I really wanted to take my magic career. I highly encourage all students to take Tobias’s classes and engage with the materials provided. 
That seed for change was watered and transformed again in August ,when the Magic & Mystery School held another unprecedented class: Creating Magic in Business with Tobias Beckwith and David Morey, which included both magicians and business leaders from around the world. David and Tobias instilled in us, among many other valuable lessons, the importance of frameworks and clarity of message. I walked away with actionable strategies to begin re-shaping my brand and its offerings to be more aligned with who I am, and what I love to do. 
Now, I am combining my 20 years of business experience in developing teams with my passion for magic, by ‘edu-tain-ing’ and mentoring organizational leaders and entrepreneurs. I help leaders harness the power of their inner magician through my one-to-one mentorship programs, and my online training workshop Lead Like a Magicianfor any new to mid-career level leaders, who want to stay competitive in the ever-changing landscape of business. 2020 has been an amazing year for me and the leaders I serve, because of the Magic & Mystery School!
Get more info on Braden here:

Like Braden, we all need people to help and encourage us as we grow in the art of magic. Now, you have a rare opportunity to work with me as your Mentor and coach. I will help you meet your goals, break out of your comfort zone, and deepen your understanding and appreciation of our magical art. My Mentorship and coaching services will inspire and empower your magic. 
Remember that you already possess all you need! Now it is time to train, learn, reflect, and organize what you already have.
Just email and she can set us up with a time to meet on Zoom!
Or go here for more info:
Our new virtual magic experience is now taking reservations.

To get updates, please email Abigail to get on the waiting list:

This is a new year for major new changes. All of us here at the Magic & Mystery School are ready to help you along your path to mastery.
Yours in the great Mystery.
Jeff McBride

Good Things Come in Green Plastic Bags

Dear Friends:
Welcome to the holiday season! We have a special treat for you this month—an article from our own physician magician, Dr. Ricardo Rosenkranz.

Good Things Come in Green Plastic Bags
by Ricardo Rosenkranz, MD

They all came in a green plastic bag. Eugene’s gifts all came in a green plastic bag. I really don’t know where he got them, but every time I left that apartment on 1260 N. Dearborn with a gift, it was in a green plastic bag. Eugene loved gifts. Mostly, he loved passing gifts down to others. I can’t tell you how many times I entered Eugene’s apartment and observed that laid out on his desk were a couple of items–perhaps a book he had just read, a coin routine someone gave him, or a prop that was no longer needed. Eugene believed that gifts should be passed on, and in his case, they all were wrapped at the end of the session in a tidy green plastic bag, with a note.

As I reflect on Eugene’s legacy, I envision some of the majestic gifts I received from Eugene. These are the ones that cannot fit inside a green plastic bag. In this season of giving, and in this year of needed vision, here are three of those gifts.

The gift of perspective. Undoubtedly, the main reason why I am still deeply involved with magic comes from the perspective that I gained from two decades of working with Eugene. When I entered his apartment for the first time, I was intrigued by magic, but I didn’t really know what it meant. or where it could lead me. From that first day, Eugene made me realize that magic wasn’t a trivial hobby to be pursued on rare occasion, but rather, it was a powerful artistic expression that could unlock meaning for performer and audience member alike. It was Eugene, who over time made me realize that even as I am a healer in Medicine, so too could I become a healer in Magic.

Eugene gave me the gift to see magic in perspective, from the smallest angle in a Ramsay Subtlety, to the largest vista of the role magic can play in the narrative of human illness. This gift arrived incessantly from day one. Today, as I see my life in magic, and my life in medicine, there are days when I feel boxed in. I conjure up Eugene’s words in my mind, and the very first thing to arrive is much needed perspective.

The gift of discernment. Eugene and I played a game for many years. It was called “The good, the bad, and the ugly”. It was a type of show and tell that either one of us brought. Usually, I brought the bad and the ugly. In this activity, we would look at magic that fell into any of these three categories. Eugene believed that in order to learn to appreciate good magic, it was important to study bad magic as well. Whenever I came across something that was poorly designed or poorly implemented, we would explore it. Sometimes, we would rehabilitate the illusion, like nursing a bird with a broken wing, back to health. Here and there I would get lucky and bring something to Eugene so special that he would insert it into his repertoire. I take pride, for example, that Eugene’s performance of “Greed” was based on one of our “Good, Bad, Ugly” sessions.

In spending time discussing the merits and failings of multiple magical illusions, Eugene gifted me a skill to discern, a skill to filter or discard when necessary, and a skill to value the essence of a magical concept, and amplify it toward success. Being a successful magician requires the ability to discern what works for us and what doesn’t. Eugene was brutally economical in this endeavor, and it is a gift that has helped me navigate choices inside and outside of magic.

The gift of acceptance. In spite of all the rigor that he applied to performance choices, Eugene had an uncanny ability to be open and accepting. Eugene displayed a mystical mindset when faced with adversity or with the unexpected. In the two decades that he was in my life, I never saw Eugene allow himself more than a moment’s worth of brooding when something was amiss. Hearing Eugene say, “….and that’s OK with me,” with that raspy voice and the upward tonal inflection on the “OK,” became a soothing balm for me. I marvel at Eugene’s ability to adapt and to learn incessantly from life and its obstacles. More importantly, I learned so much from his ability to move on–always looking forward. In acceptance, Eugene taught me perhaps the most important lesson of a lifetime.

So, in Eugene’s tradition, I would like to keep these gifts alive by passing them along, albeit transformed. I would like to gift you with an image. Hopefully it’s a powerful image that transports you to a place and time when you might have been open to Eugene’s lessons, as I was.

Imagine I have gifted you a green plastic bag. It belonged to Eugene. Excitedly, you open the bag, knowing that inside you will find something lovingly handed down by Eugene. You remove the handwritten note on a 3×5 card. Black ink with impeccable handwriting, which must be Eugene’s handwriting. The note reads, “A magical mirror, for you. Love, EB”. You lift the mirror and see within it your reflection. And yet, it’s a different you. It is the best version of you. What do you see?

Eugene gave me that metaphorical mirror. And every day, I gaze into that mirror with perspective, discernment, and acceptance. I have come to understand how the Ricardo holding the mirror can continue to evolve into the Ricardo who dwells inside.

Happy Holidays!

From Ricardo

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