Wonderground: The Final Celebration

  Overheard at The Wonderground:

“This is what I had hoped to find when I came to Vegas!”
 “It’s like the Magic Castle without walls!”
 “This is so $#@^%*! cool!”

Greetings Friends,

 This is the last week for our show and  nightclub. We have almost completed our 3 month limited run and have gotten great press, wonderful response from our  audiences, and lots of interest from other promoters and venues. During the coming month or two we will be looking for a  new home for all of our events, even as we catch up on some touring dates in Europe & South America. 

Only 5 nights to go at Palace Station!

 The show: Jeff McBride – Magic at the Edge
The place:  

Sound Trax Showroom at Palace Station
 (702) 547-5300
www.stationcasinos.com <http://m1e.net/c?31037791-THdawZHz8HxI.%403767686-.Vp2vZS6Qzdao> 

The club: Jeff McBride’s Wonderground

As a way of showing our gratitude to all of the artists that have played the Wonderground we are  having a 2 day final blow out this weekend! Come join us…

 If you can’t get to Vegas for our final  nights, you can participate from home! Watch The Wonderground live on the Street of Cards web site: 
http://www.streetofcards.tv/channel/27/wonderground/ <http://m1e.net/c?31037791-PKak2RXruwYbk%403767687-lrbCHk26OGYjQ> 

 Speaking of video, here is a cool video clip of Jordan Wright reporting from the Vegas Wonderground: 
THE WITCHES AND WIZARDS BALL REPORT <http://m1e.net/c?31037791-y0JLWYV0zfDNY%403767688-V6JROEwsdfrKE> 

Las Vegas Sun comes to The Wonderground!
You can read all about it here <http://m1e.net/c?31037791-v3bO1A9sLRc3k%403767689-XNVvFM5bwkKLw> .  We’ve already been exploring future locations for the new combined show & club experience, and have found several  possibilities. The new experience is set to open in January at a secret location – and you’ll read about it first right  here. 

 Remember Muse letter friends…YOU will get the news first! 

 Your friends in  enlightened nightlife, 

 Jeff and all the Wonderground Players 

 LA Times Piece on  WONDERGROUND:
http://www.vegas.com/nightclubs/wonderground/ <http://m1e.net/c?31037791-wmtPgPmtCFvkw%403767690-iEp65vSNnxgWU> 
http://www.lasvegas.com/nightclubs/wonderground/ <http://m1e.net/c?31037791-AoK14TPduFjGU%403767691-OMG8JiLPJh1LE> 

Jeff will appear and receive an award on  The World Magic Awards TV special, airing on the MyTV network at 8pm on November 26th! Other stars include Lance Burton,  Kalin & Ginger, Ed Alonzo, Franz Harary, Greg Gleason, Hans Klok and many more! You can find your local channel airing  the special at: http://www.worldmagicawards.com/stations.html <http://m1e.net/c?31037791-dwM9xshMEHNZ.%403767692-JqQzrtJGcWFiQ> . Check  local listings for the exact time in your location. This promises to be a classic magic special, featuring many of the  world’s greatest magicians & illusionists. If you’re a magic fan, don’t forget to set the  TIVO!  

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