Today’s musings are contributed by Abigail McBride. Enjoy!

Greetings Magical Friends,

I’m not here to try to sell you anything, or to try to make you believe in anything, or to convince you of anything at all. I’m just here, with you, right now, in a state of presence, of paying attention and being aware. I’m allowing myself the gift of uni-tasking, just doing one thing, and right now. That one thing is reaching out to all of you, to each of you, to say what a wonder each one of you truly is.

By some amazing coincidence, your ancestors encountered each other, and through a dance of chance and genetics, through the ages and across the world, you came to be here now, alive, breathing, and with a mind that is sharp enough to make sense of squiggles on a screen.

Somehow, life brought you into connection with us – an uncle pulled a coin from your ear; an aunt gave you a Golden Book of Magic; you saw a magician do something mind-boggling on TV – and the desire for magic came into your life… and somehow, over time, that led you to us, to be here, now, reading these words. What a wonder!

The Master, Eugene Burger, often spoke of there being “fellowship across differences” in the House of Magic with many rooms, and I continue to be delighted that, regardless of religious background (or lack thereof), of political alignment (or apathy towards), of style of magic we perform (or don’t), we are all here together, in good company, in the shared enjoyment of magic. What a gift to be part of this community, to be connected to so many (almost 15,000 of us) reading this, now.

Sometimes, I am floored with gratitude.

I hope to see you all soon, either here at the Magic & Mystery School, or online in our virtual school, or at our monthly Wonderground show.  Until then, know that I am here, part of your circle, and happy to be connected.

Wishing you the very best of everything,



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