Wisdom of the Ages

Wisdom of the Ages
(and the Sages!)

Dear Friends:

Let’s talk about wisdom.

You will be OLDER in 2019 BUT–will you be wiser?

The word “wizard” means “the wise one.”  I’ve had the pleasure to study with some of the best wizards in the world. Wisdom comes with experience, knowledge and most importantly, (and unavoidably) age!

Magicians are young… wizards are old!

In the past 35 years I have worked with many talented teen magicians. I’ve had the pleasure of giving classes to many current and past America’s Got Talent winners. But I also work with many people who develop a passion for magic late in their lives. 72-year-old Magician David Bowers has never been to our magic school, but his story captures the spirit of taking the BIG LEAP. I so loved reading David’s story… You will too.

It took David Bowers until he was 72 years old to realize his dream! He did it ..will YOU?

In a recent article by Julie Halpert in the Wall Street Journal, Julie talks to 72-year-old magician David Bowers about his passion for conjuring and his new life as a full time magician. (The following is excerpted heavily from Ms. Halpert’s article.)

A Star is Born at 72 Years Old!

Julie writes that all his life, David Bowers wondered what it would be like to be a magician. Growing up, he read about magic, attended magic shows and regularly watched The Magic Land of Alakazam, a nationally syndicated TV series starring magician Mark Wilson.

But for 39 years, David was a salesman for Columbia Rubber Corp., based in Beltsville, Md., selling conveyor belts to quarries and heavy industrial operations. He enjoyed the job and was good at it. “All of my customers became friends,” says Mr. Bowers, who lives with his wife in Chambersburg, Pa.

You can do it, too. Just get a mentor!

For his 50th birthday party, his wife, Judy, hired a magician to perform. The magician, tipped off by Mrs. Bowers, spoke to Mr. Bowers about what it was like to be a magician—and offered to be his mentor. Mr. Bowers enthusiastically agreed. He trained for a year, then started performing part time, mostly at birthday parties, while keeping his job at Columbia Rubber. He happily continued to do both for the next 12 years.

“People in life wait to do things, and then something happens and they don’t get to do it,”

Do it now! It is never too late.

In 2008, Mr. Bowers says he realized something.

“People in life wait to do things, and then something happens and they don’t get to do it,” he says. He retired from the rubber company that year, at age 62, and set out on a new career as a professional magician. Now David performs for people of all ages, from preschoolers to the elderly. Last year, he had 110 shows. His largest show was when he performed before a crowd of 2,000 at a 2014 event in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

The gift of a push

Mr. Bowers credits his wife with giving him the push he needed. She now is part of the act, “The Magic of David Wayne and Judy,” and assists him in every show. Magic has taken the couple all over the world, including Italy and England. Mr. Bowers was elected national president of the Society of American Magicians.

 “I’m a strong believer in Peter Pan.
You should never grow up.”

Some skills from his old job have been helpful, he says, like his ability to speak comfortably in front of large groups, something he honed through sales presentations.

It ain’t about the money!

David makes about half as much in his career now as he did when he was a salesman, he says, but he doesn’t do it for the money. In most ways, magic has kept him young. Memorizing tricks, learning new routines, being among children and entertaining people has helped with the aging process, Mr. Bowers says.

“I’m a strong believer in Peter Pan,” he says. “You should never grow up.”

Read Julie Haplert’s excellent full article on David Bowers here: https://tinyurl.com/y9qawlbe

How long will it take until you live your dream?

I tell all my students, young and old, that it might take much longer than you think… Some people must wait for 50 or more years before following their dream! The important thing is to take steps each day to move ahead on your path, and to silence the negative voices that are around us and within us!

What are your favorite excuses for not taking the big leap this year?

We all have negative voices in our head; voices of fear, doubt, and indecision. Here is a technique you can use to BLAST those voices OUT of your head! Just choose a few of your favorite excuses from the list below. Then read how to blast through your negative thoughts in the following tips.

* I don’t have the money to follow my dream. (See the scholarships available to you here):
* It is too late–I’m too old. (Read the article above again!)
* It might be too soon. I’m too young.  (Read the tips below.)
* I’m stuck in my routine and I can’t get out.
* I’m not good enough. I don’t have the time to practice.
* I’m a phony. People will see I’m faking it.
* I have too many commitments to my family and friends.
* I do not want to travel so much–I want stay home with my family.

Now what?

Ok…now that we have that out of our system, let’s take some steps towards our dream.

3 things you can do to prepare yourself for the BIG LEAP.

Start with “little steps.” Each day work on your skills and knowledge by reading and practicing. I have found that morning is the BEST time to do practice, when you are fresh. Get up an hour earlier to make a special “magic time,” just for you. Work on your show, your business, and your presentations.


I recently wrote a performance piece in my show that explores, what I feel, are essential habits for performing magicians. I tell a story about working with my mentor Eugene Burger.  Eugene taught me some of the most valuable lessons in my life. Lessons that are simple yet profound.

Practice: Work your outer world.

Every day, not just on the weekends. The key to effective practice is to find uninterrupted times each day to focus on your skills. Early in the morning works best for me.

Patience: Work your inner world.

Your skills and technique will grow slowly over time. Be ready to hit “plateaus” where you do not think you are growing. There will be long periods in your skill building where you do not see improvement. But keep at it. It takes years to become a master. Be patient with yourself. Persistence is a key to mastery.

Imagination: All created works of art are visualized before they manifest.

Keep visualizing your success. See yourself building your skills and knowledge to a point of mastery.

“Patience, practice and imagination are all
equal parts in the arts of transformation.”

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