What is Your Big Excuse?

Excuses: Are They “Good” or are they “Bad?”

We all make excuses. I remember in elementary school, making up excuses to get me off the hook for not doing my homework. Magic was usually the reason that I did not do my homework. I was too immersed in my passion to toil over meaningless book reports…. My grades may have suffered, but my magic got better!

Magic was a GREAT excuse!

“The man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can’t are both right. Which one are you?”

Henry Ford

What is your excuse?

I hear the following “cop-outs” almost on a daily basis.  Which one do YOU use the most?

  • I can’t do magic because–My hands are too small.
  • I can’t do magic because–I don’t have the time to practice.
  • I can’t do magic because–I started too late in life.
  • I can’t do magic because–I don’t have the skill.
  • I can’t do magic because–I don’t have the patience.
  • I can’t attend Mystery School–I don’t have the money.
  • I can’t come to a magic class–My job is in the way.
  • I can’t watch  Night Mystery School–I can’t stay up late.
  • I can’t read all those magic books–I learn better from video.

No Excuses!

Mahdi Gilbert amazed the world with his passion for magic. He COULD have come up with MANY excuses for NOT following his passion.

Thank you Penn & Teller for hosting this man on your show FOOL US. Now the magic world has a new hero! Just look at this amazing man doing what he loves. Mahdi inspires all of us to move beyond our limitations.

Are there “Good” Excuses?”


  • Following your bliss is a GREAT excuse for making more time for your magic.
  • Focusing on your passion just might make you take time off from your day job.
  • Focusing on your magic is a GREAT excuse for watching less TV!
  • Taking a magic class in Vegas is a GREAT excuse for taking a ‘work-study vacation!”

Hard questions, easy answers!

Do you get people asking these questions?

“What do you REALLY want from your life?”

“Are you happy with your life?”

“Are you doing what you REALLY want to do in life?”

“What is next for you?”

Wow! I had to sit down to think and write about this for a while. I made a list of what I feel are the most important things in my life. First, I have a wonderful relationship with my wife Abigail. That is the most important part of my life and what I focus on the most. We run a Las Vegas magic show. Our magic school and lovely home are open to friends and students. We have many dear friends and we are in good health… we are very blessed. So what do we focus on NOW?  Now it is time for us to help others live THEIR life’s dream! I am grateful for the great team we have here at the school. We are all here to help and serve YOU!

Scholarships to Empower Your Magic Dream!

Larry Hass helped us develop our scholarship program to help those of you with the passion, but who need some financial help to take advantage of one of our classes. We don’t want that to be an excuse that prevents you from following your magic dream.

Take a look and see how we can help you!  http://virtual.magicalwisdom.com/members/signup

A hint: watch this to the end. It really rocks!

Life Lessons from the Masters

The following 2 great artists never let their challenges get in the way of their passion and vision! Matthew Buchinger was born in Germany without hands or lower legs. He was 29 inches tall. In the 1700’s he became a world famous magician and artist! He toured Europe to entertain kings and aristocrats with amazing feats of physical dexterity, and was known as the “Little Man from Nuremberg.”  Buchinger was married 4 times and had at least 14 children (by eight women). He also is rumored to have had children by as many as 70 mistresses… Go Matthew!

DID HE MAKE EXCUSES? No he was too busy living his dream!

Despite his having small, finlike appendages for hands, his art engravings were incredibly detailed. Despite his handicap, Buchinger was an accomplished magician, causing balls to disappear from under cups, and birds to appear from nowhere. He was reported to be unbeatable at cards and would dazzle audiences with his amazing displays of magic.

The Maestro of Magic

René Lavand was a magician from Argentina. René lost a hand in a car crash at age 9, and taught himself how to perform exquisite sleight-of-hand magic, utilizing only one arm. I had the great pleasure of sharing time and magic with Mr Lavand. He inspires all of us to move beyond our limitations, and towards mastery.

Historic Passion for Life!

25 years ago I was performing in Barcelona at the Olympic Arts Festival, when the following incident took place. This amazing story touched the hearts of millions. Derek Redmond has a magical story to tell you. He will be remembered for his unstoppable passion for running.

Be inspired by this great story.


I hope you enjoyed this month’s McBride Muse Letter. It is a joy to explore these topics with you. We get great pleasure out of sharing our inspiration and magic with you. Please let us know when you come out to Las Vegas. Abigail and I will roll out the red carpet for you!

Yours in  the magic of life,

Jeff and Abigail

p.s. we are having a party…

Your Invitation to Mystery: The Biggest Magic Party in Las Vegas—WONDERGROUND!

photo credit : Sheryl Ann Garrett – Photographer of Magicians

Wonderground News—Meet the Magic Live Mystery Guests!

Thursday August 18th is the next WONDERGROUND. Get to the Olive early to get a good seat! www.vegaswonderground.com

7:30 PM – Christian Diamond is your host

Strolling Magic with Miguel and Juan Pablo

Allen Scott & Mulee Pete offer Tarot Readings


8:00 PM – Jeff McBride MC

Joe Givan and Carol Massie – DreamMasterz

Jhony the Joker! – Magic with Mystery

Kevin Hall — Towers of Teller

Bill Cook – Magic in a Bottle!

Nathan Phan – From TV’s Wizard Wars

BIZZARO – Master of Demented Delusion


9:00 PM – Christian Diamond MC

Nathan Phan – A Man with Magical Plans for his Fans

Bizzaro – For him “Normal is just a setting on the dryer!”

Jeff McBride – Always a wonder to remember!

Tim Wise & Zach at the WONDERBAR


10:00 – Jeff McBride MC

Bill Cook – “The Competition Act!”

Michael Trixx – ABRA-cadab-ROCK!

Natalie and Eli – Quick Change Artistry

Nathan Phan – Magic, Music, and Mayhem

Ryan Stock and Amber Lynn – Rising Stars of the Bizarre!


PLUS: Bar Magic: Zack Pattee, Scott Steelfyre, Iam Creed, The NWR-Tribal Belly Dance Troupe, Mystic Sideshow with Mulee Pete, Alan Scott, live art with Areeya and many more surprises and special celebrity guests!!

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