What is Real Magic?

Where do you find real magic?
One of the questions I get asked most often is: “Is there such a thing as REAL MAGIC?” That is a BIG question! To answer this important question, I decided to write a new show… and you are invited!
For over 40 years, I have traveled the globe on a personal quest to discover Real Magic! I’ve been working on this for my entire life—and now you have the opportunity to experience my journey first hand!

MagicQuest is an online show that is a combination tour and show, in which I will share encounters with the magical and the miraculous. It is a fully interactive online experience coming to you live from The McBride Magic & Mystery School in Las Vegas. You will enter a world where the shaman and the showman meet! I will take you on an extraordinary journey around the world of magic, and highlight my adventures from New York City to Las Vegas, from Tokyo to Burning Man… and beyond.
The VIP Tour & After Party
Step behind the secret bookcase and enter a world of wonders. Join me after the show in my Library of Secrets for a personal Q&A session, where we can share some personal time behind the scenes. Let me show you my collection from a lifetime of world adventures, all in my Cabinet of Curiosities, and hear stories that have never been told before! Special VIP magic only for those on the tour.
ONLY 13 VIP tickets will be sold each performance!
Your VIP ticket includes The McBride Magic Treasure Box, a virtual vault containing rare archival videos, photos and mysteries, unlocked only with your personal key!
Email Abigail for information and get on the waiting list: abbimcb@gmail.com

Magic & Healing
Some say that real magic is healing.
I consider magic to be a healing art. For me, magic is very therapeutic. It is my refuge in these challenging times. For many friends and students, magic has brought empowerment, and a way to ease the stress of life. I have learned that many doctors and therapists use magic in their practices to build their relationship skills.
From ancient times, there has been a mysterious connection between the shaman and the showman. There is a good deal of evidence that at one time, the tribal elder was also the storyteller, historian, healer, and magician. This deep connection between doctors, therapists, healers, and magicians is not merely a historical fact.
There are compelling reasons to think of these pursuits as closely related. For indeed, when a magician weaves a spell of wonder, and leaves us in a state of astonishment… there can be a temporary healing of mind, body, and spirit.

The Shaman & Showman Conference:
Join us on Saturday and Sunday, February 20 & 21, 2021, as we explore these fascinating connections between the shaman and  showman.

In March 2020, Larry Hass, Ph.D., and Ricardo Rosenkranz, M.D. and I offered the first Shaman & Showman Conference, but it was timed for Europeans. The seminar filled quickly, and it was a smash success. This year’s conference will again be held online, and will feature new content–some of which will be provided by previous participants. If you are a healer or health practitioner, or a magician interested in these themes, you will be enriched by your participation in The Shaman & Showman Conference. For over thirty years, McBride’s Magic & Mystery School has been offering educational experiences that explore the rich connection between magic and medicine.


  • Presentation: How to present your magic for maximum impact.
  • Magic as a visual metaphor: How to turn any effect into meaningful magic.
  • Character development: How to share and connect your story with your audience.
  • Scripting: How carefully crafted “good words” transform your “tricks” into powerful magic.
  • Plus exclusive magic routines and techniques for you to add to your current shows.

The conference is limited to 40 participants, and all registrants will receive access to an extensive video vault. The conference is open to all levels of interest. No one needs to be a magic performer to attend. Indeed, we know that many attendees will not be performers, and that they will be there to deepen their knowledge.

Join us and explore how the healing power of the magic, and the magical power of the healer connect.

Are the Secrets of Real Magic Hidden in Tarot Cards?
Tarot cards have captured the imagination of people from all walks of life. Some say the secrets of real magic are hidden in their mystical symbols. Historians disagree on the origins of the tarot; however, many of us agree that modern audiences are captivated by the rich beauty of these timeless treasures.

Abigail’s Secret… A Gift of Magic & Memory
Abigail and I have been reading cards for over 30 years. She has a wonderful way of memorizing the cards, and she will now give you a tool help you with your memory!

Here is a gift from Abigail to help you remember the meanings of the Tarot Cards. Abigail wrote a simple rhyme that will help lock the order of the cards, and their meanings, into your memory:

Tarot Card Mastery Experience
If you love tarot cards, we will have a special class later this month to explore their meanings, and how we can use them in our magic performances. You can join me, and my special guests Brad Henderson and Clinton Combs, for a one-day adventure on Feb 27th, for the Tarot Card Mastery Experience.

More Great News!
Abigail and I are in great health. Abigail’s mom and dad are moving to Vegas, and have a new home right down the street from us! More good news is that the vaccine is working its magic, and we all hope to have our shots soon. We plan to be holding daily classes, both online and here at The Mystery School as soon as everyone feels safe to travel again.
Be inspired by the real magic you find in your life!
Jeff & Abigail and all your friends at Mystery School

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