Universal Studios, Magic and Meaning, Laughlin and more…

Real strength never impairs beauty or harmony, but it often bestows it; and in everything imposingly beautiful, strength has much to do with the magic.

Herman Melville, Moby Dick, chapter 86 “The Tail”, 1851

Greetings Magical Friends!

We’re all excited here at the Las Vegas Magic and Mystery School! So many good things have been happening lately; let us tell you all about them! Did you hear the great news, Romany, the Diva ofRomany at the Magic Circle Magic, recently spent some time in Las Vegas, doing some private sessions with Jeff, as she was preparing to enter the competition at the Magic Circle in England. After several hours of inspired time together, she went on to win first place in the competition, winning the Best Stage Magician prize. She is the first woman in history to claim this title from the Magic Circle, and we are absolutely thrilled for her success! Congratulations, Romany!!

To learn more about this “original, zany and theatrical magical artiste,” go to:


We had a great time in Orlando, Florida two weeks ago doing eight shows in two days for ten thousand people at Universal Studios forUniversal Halloween Horror Nights their “Horror Comes Home” weekend. We were performing on the same stage where Animal Planet is filmed each week, and thoroughly enjoyed being there. We got to meet some of the animal actors, and had a lot of fun with the giant alligator in the lagoon onstage with us, too– watch out for those teeth!

We came home just in time to rehearse our magic for the StringCast and Crew at String Cheese / Vegoose Cheese Incident’s “Vegoose” concert, where we, along with
about ten of our magical friends, were onstage, doing our own versions of The Death and Resurrection Show, while the band accompanied us. Performing in the biggest arena in Las Vegas, for thousands of screaming fans was definitely a highlight of the weekend.

During the same weekend, we were excited to host the Magic and Meaning conference. We had George Parker and Robert Neale as our special guests, along with thirty participants from all over the world. Everyone had a great time, learning how to weave deeper meanings into their magical performances. Two noteworthy events during the weekend included the Witches and Wizard’s Masquerade Ball, and an all night, outdoor fire circle in the middle of the desert, called BoneDance. From start to finish, the weekend was a roaring success!

And now, we’re moving full steam ahead to open our full eveningJeff at the Edge show at the Edgewater Casino in Laughlin, Nevada this weekend! Jeff is happily editing the music for the show, and our new assistant, Jayson Morrison will be arriving tonight to work with us for the run. Also, coming up this weekend, Dr. Jay Ungar will be joining us for the Magic for Medical Professionals conference, happening here at the House of Mystery. We’re expecting a house-full of physician-magicians, and looking forward to being able to say, “Yes, there *are* doctors in the house!!”

In the meantime, stay healthy as it begins to get chilly, and we’ll hope to see you at one of our upcoming conferences or performances soon!

Magically yours,

Jeff & Abbi McBride

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