Two Powerful Storytelling Magic Events

Greetings my friends,

When was the last time you heard a story that changed your life? I mean a real “shake your bones and make your heart leap out of your chest” kind of story?

Well, you are invited to two great Storytelling Experiences!

They said it couldn’t be done—an online séance. 

But after last’s year’s success, we decided to do it again!

Dedicated to the Spirit Theater and Bizarre Magick of Eugene BurgerThe 2021 Las Vegas Séance Summit—Live Online

Dates:  November 19-21, 2021    

If you have ever been interested in the world of ghosts, spirits, and storytelling—then this is the event of the yea—a celebration of bizarre magick and storytelling.

Some of the top minds in the world of spirit theater, séance, and bizarre magick will gather online to form a circle, and share their stories, as we journey together into the world of shadows and candle-lit mysteries.
And when the candles are extinguished, these spirits will emerge enlightened and armed with messages of hope and courage for these challenging times.

Raising Your Spirits in a Time of Darkness

Join us for this 3-day online adventure from darkness to light, as we explore the history and mystery of the performing arts of seance and bizarre magick with some of world’s leading mystery teachers and entertainers.  

The teaching team:  Jeff McBride, Dr. Larry Hass, and Paul Draper

With Special Guests: Daniel Gastelum, Careena Fenton-Cullen, Joe Cabral, Vince Wilson, and David Parr, and other guests to be named! 

Dedicated to the performance arts of séance, bizarre magick, and storytelling. This course will:

  • Celebrate the Spirit Theater of Eugene Burger
  • Explore the rich possibilities of “raising spirits” in dark times
  • Focus on tricks, techniques, manifestations, and special effects for creating this kind of magic, light and dark.

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December is a most magical time!
One of the things I love most in the world is sitting next to the fireplace, sharing some of my favorite stories with my friends. Now you can join me online for a one-day only special event!

An All-New Show! – December 18th 2021
You are invited to our House of Mystery for our first-ever interactive holiday magic show. All new show! * All new magic! * An All-new show for the holidays!

Jeff McBride isTHE STORYMASTER. Come join us, as we celebrate this special time of year with tall tales and magic from many cultures. Pull up a seat to your fire, and join Jeff McBride, as he entertains with these wonderful and inspiring pieces of interactive magic! Yule be amazed! Space is limited, so get your tickets early. Gather family and friends for what promises to be a truly heartwarming time!

Get your ticket here!

Jeff has created a whole new evening’s entertainment, using the amazing interactive tools developed to create MagicQuest — this time with a different set of holiday stories and magic!

Once again, there will be a special VIP afterparty in which we will share some of the never-before-seen items of Jeff’s extensive collection.


Jeff created the show just for YOU and this year’s YULETIDE SEASON!

Our past couple of shows have been sold out, and garnered raves from our audiences. Here are just a few:
“One of the greatest teachers in the history of magic. He’ll share an important story – his own.”
– David Copperfield

“Fantastic Virtual Experience!! Superb!”
– Mat Franco, USA
America’s Got Talent winner

“The most beautiful magic show that I’ve seen in a long time.”
– Adrian Lacroix, Argentina
Master Magician

“What an experience and a privilege to dive into the life of the Grand-Master!”
– Andrew Lee, Malaysia
Asia’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent semi finalist

  • McBride is a winner on Penn and Teller’s Fool Us.
  • The Magic Castle’s Academy of Magical Arts has named McBride “Magician of the Year.”
  • McBride has set three records in the Guinness World Records.

Here’s what the New York press said about Jeff McBride:

“He wields the primordial weapons of the magician — the wand, chalice and sword. He wrestles with titanic unseen forces. He does not do rabbits.”
– The New York Times

“McBride, with sleeves pushed up, extrudes card after card from the air. Cards sprout from every fingertip like cabalistic tentacles, then pour from his mouth, as if a full deck had been sequestered inside his cheeks.”
– The New Yorker 


Bonus gifts and extras for our VIP ticket purchasers

Each VIP guest will receive a unique master key to open an online archive of rare videos, photos and Jeff McBride memorabilia, including a video of Jeff’s full evening Las Vegas stage show ABRACADAZZLE and other rare video footage!

An extraordinary value never previously offered.

So, get your tickets now – seating is limited!

Have a Happy and Magical Thanksgiving, my friends!

Jeff, Abigail and all your friends at the Magic & Mystery School

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