The Real Meaning of Life–Revealed

Greetings my friends,

I really think the teaching in the quote above is profound. However, there is a missing piece that makes it incomplete. To really get the full meaning of this quote, we must investigate a bit. So, let’s track down the source.

The inspirational quote above has been attributed to William Shakespeare, Pablo Picasso — and like many quotes on the internet today, Bruce Lee!

I searched for the origin of this quote, and was surprised that there is a missing piece of wisdom that completes the thought. Research shows that in 1993, the volume Finding Your Strength in Difficult Times: A Book of Meditations by David Viscott was published. The author was a psychiatrist who hosted a pioneering radio talk show in the 1980s and 1990s, during which he provided counseling to callers. Viscott’s statement was composed of three parts instead of two. Here is the full quote:

The missing part was “the work of life.” This is a very important step to keep in mind. The discovery and giving away of the gift can take moments – but “the work” takes a lifetime!

I really feel that my life path is to help my magic students discover their gifts and help them work to develop them. I so love to see our students light up when they “get it,” and the light goes on — that is pure Illumination!

When you need help developing your magic, I’m here for you. Just email me to set a time to meet on Zoom, or live here at the school in Las Vegas.

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“One of the greatest teachers in the history of magic.
He’ll share an important story – his own.”
                               – David Copperfield

October is World Magic Month, and your spirit guide for Magic, Masks & Monsters will be Jeff McBride, whose passion for masks, monsters, and magic, his live Las Vegas shows, and his recent MagicQuest virtual show helped him gain critical acclaim. 

Jeff has created an all-new experience, using the brilliant interactive tools developed to create MagicQuest — this time with a very different set of dark stories, and very twisted magic!

Once again, there will be A Special VIP afterparty, in which we will share some of the more frightening and bizarre aspects of Jeff’s extensive Curiosity and Oddity collection.

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Jeff & Abigail and all your friends at Mystery School

So, when you get inspired by a thought, try to track that inspiration to its source. Or, remember the words of Honest Abe…

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