The Dream Team

“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”

–Mattie Stepanek

Greetings Magical friends,

All is well in Las Vegas. As we look towards the holidays, it reminds me how much Santa depends on his helpers to make dreams come true.

My question to you this season is who are your helpers making your dreams come true?

Who is on your team?

You are not in this alone. You have our help to get you to the next level of excellence! Some say, “It takes a village.” At Mystery School we have evolved a “Dream Team” of magical people to help empower our goals and your goals too!

“Teamwork is so important that it is virtually impossible for you to reach the heights of your capabilities or make the money that you want without becoming very good at it.”

–Brian Tracy

Our Expanding Universe….New Additions to Our Dream Team

Over the years you have met many of our team in these Muse letter pages. Now, I introduce you to our newest team members… members who have stepped up this year to add new dimensions to our expanding circle of magic.

Jay Fortune: Secret Agent

Jay FortuneOne of the UK’s funniest comedy magicians, Jay is also a pioneer of magic media. His Radio Magic ran for years in the UK, and now he brings his many years of experience to our Mystery School seminars, shows and webcasts.

Scott Steelfyre: Video Production

Scott SteelfyreOne of the most versatile and knowledgeable magicians I have ever met, Scott has high touch skills in stage magic and knife throwing as well as high tech skills in computer design and electronics. He is the video mage at WONDERGROUND and he also helps with shooting and editing many of our new school videos.

Simone Marron: Social Coordinator

Simone MarronOne of the most passionate magic lovers I know, Simone is known worldwide as a woman who attends more magic events than nearly anyone in the world! Simone has a keen interest in performing mentalism and is known and loved throughout our international magic community.  Her skills include preparing these monthly Muse Letters as well as planning the social events for our Mystery School celebrations.

Bill Cook: Web-TV host & Stage Assistant

Bill CookFamous for his role in the feature documentary “Make Believe,” you have seen him as The Mystery School Monday anchorman, and as my onstage assistant. Bill is currently one of the top magicians in Chicago and has plans to open an office in Hollywood.

Sheryl Garrett: Photographer of Magicians

Sheryl GarrettHer father Marvin was an explorer, magician and pilot. His adventurous spirit lives on in his talented daughter. You can see Sheryl in action at WONDERGROUND each month. You can contact her if you need on-location shoots or promotional materials.

Let us help you build your team!

I’ve learned a lot about team building from my friend and manager, Tobias Beckwith.  When I was first starting, Tobias guided me to the right printers, illusion consultants, costumers, sound editors and more– in short, all the various people and artists that I needed to generate a final product that was professional and polished.  This is the type of work we do at our Mystery School.  We help people like you to build skills and business, and we become part of your team, to help guide you to make the right artistic and business decisions to strengthen your own career.

We are always planning new events to invite you to.  Take a look at some of our upcoming seminars and offerings here:

Big News at Mystery School

My recent post here and on Facebook got lots of attention and comments worldwide. As you know, I’ve been crafting a new way to teach magic.


This new series is a step forward for our School, and also a step backwards in time… to a time when the “real” professional secrets of magic were passed down from master to student. As Eugene Burger told me years ago, the real secrets are not in the books or on the DVDs, but are passed from master to apprentice… In whispers.

Here is the next step-

WONDERGROUND NEWS—Next show December 18

It’s the biggest magic party in Las Vegas, and you are invited!!  3 shows, all different, starting at 8pm.  Get there early to get a seat.

We are now celebrating going into our sixth year at THE OLIVE.  Join Tim Wise, Christian Diamond and the lovely Abigail, with a host of NEW ACTS!  For more information:

MASTERS OF ILLUSION– on tour at Harrahs, San Diego

See you in San Diego. One night only, and the night is January 9th. I’ll bring the best of my Vegas show to you then! Also on the bill that evening: Michael Grandinetti and Ed Alonzo.

Wishing you a magical holiday season, from all of us at The McBride Magic & Mystery School,

Jeff, Abbi and the “Dream Team”

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