The Amazing Magic Pivot” – Learn How to Perform It Now

The Wisdom of the Virtual Pivot

There is a lot of confusion in today’s world. We need to keep positive, and we need to put good information into our bodies to stay healthy! Stay away from junk food and bad information!

The Wisdom Council and Senior Faculty at Mystery School are here to help filter out the bad information and share only the best information that we have collected, based on our 30+ years of experience serving our magic community.

What is “The pivot” and are you ready to do it?

You hear many people talking about “pivoting into virtual magic shows.”

What is pivot? 

The best definition I’ve heard is from Eric Ries.

He said, “A pivot is a change in strategy without a change in vision.”

Now watch Eric Ries talk about redeeming your failures by “pivoting.”  I know this video will encourage and inspire you!

“A pivot is a change in strategy without a change in vision.”

Let Us Help You Pivot to Your New Virtual Magic Show.

Our leadership team at Mystery School has created nearly 500 hours of online & Zoom shows. For 9 years we have produced Mystery School Monday, each and every Monday. We are committed to helping our magic community by sharing our experience and wisdom with you.

I read a recent post from Sage Hub that made a lot of sense to me.

Their statistics show, (and I believe it) that virtual events are now outperforming live events!

If you had asked me eight weeks ago if a virtual event could generate the type of purpose driven pay days that we see with live events, my answer would have been a resounding NOOOOO!

But here I sit, eight weeks later, corrected.

Virtual events are in fact outperforming their live event counterparts in almost every way. 

✅ Had better attendance (there are NO live events for months to come.)
✅ Had a better experience.
✅ Had more impact, and
✅ Generated more profit than they ever could have thought possible.

And here’s the good news – that profit didn’t require a massive pivot. 

Thank you Sage Hub. We are grateful for your research.

What Does This Mean for Magicians?

Go to this link and look and learn:


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This month’s Wonderground Stars

Jeff McBride – Your Magical Master of Ceremonies, with something new up his sleeve!
Tetro – “Magic in Flow-Motion,” as seen on TV’s hit show Masters of Illusion
Tim Wise – The Host of ABRA.TV, Tim will present delightful deceptions of digital dexterity
Kent Axel – Virtual Mind reader and Reality Disrupter
The Birdman of Las Vegas – Joe Krathwohl shows off the biggest wild birds you have ever seen!
Will Bradshaw – “From Street Magic to the Stage Illusion!”
Dr. Ricardo Rosenkranz – Presents “Rare Gems of Illusion” Live from his Virtual theater in Chicago

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