Shock & Awe: Courage in the Darkness

Jeff McBride in China

“Everyone has a talent; what is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark places where it leads.”
— Erica Jong

Greetings Friends…

We are in the season of dark places. Today, only the most courageous and talented will avoid the grim reaper of pop culture, and become immortalized in the book of ages. My question to you is how much are you pushing your edges? For, you see, there are a few daring young ones among us, who are pushing far beyond what we ever thought possible, or even acceptable!

Shock & Awe, Blood & Gore
Sometimes it takes a lot of high weirdness to get people’s attention these days. With the amazing amount of information coming at us, often people think they need to screeeeeeeeam or draw BLOOD to get attention. It is rare that performers take an artful approach to this sort of “geek magic.” However, I know two magicians that are very good at doing just that.

Barry, Stuart and Jeff McBride

Here is a photo of Barry, Stuart and me, halfway through our recent all day magic brainstorming session.

Thanks to Youtube, we can see many of their television specials, which air in the United Kingdom. My favorite series of theirs is MAGICK. Eugene Burger and I have the great honor of being consultants for their show. This week, Barry & Stuart came to Las Vegas for the very first time, and we got to spend the day together, working on some of their TOP SECRET new mind-exploding concepts. DJ Master Diaz and I hosted them around town, and took in a few shows. We even kidnapped them and took them over to the Darwin Society Magic Club, where we forced them, at wandpoint, to do an interview for I never really thought, when I started magic, that I would be involved in some of the most interesting “think-tanks” in the world of magic. I’ve worked with Lance, Criss, and, oh yes, here is a clip of me working on a recent Hans Klok extravaganza. My piece starts at 1:18. It’s a sneak peek of a casual private session.

Nowadays, I find time to work with many of my students via Skype. This is a great new way for you and I to work together, and to upgrade your magic skills, even if you can’t get to Las Vegas. Just send me an email ( and let me know you’re interested, and we’ll take it from there!

Abbi and I are just back from two weeks in China, my second trip there in two months! Magic is HUGE in China, and I am sure Tobias will be arranging more tours for us in 2010. So, to all of our new Chinese magic fans and students, you’ll be seeing more of us soon! Here is a photo and a video clip from our time there:

Jeff McBride in China

See you at one of our Skype sessions, or on the road soon!

Jeff, Abbi and all of the Magic and Mystery School Faculty

From Tobias:

Fall has become a time filled with fascinating activities for so many of us. Following fast on the heels of Magic & Meaning will be the Magic & Medicine and Magic for Mentalists master classes – both filling fast but with a few slots still available.

It seems the end of October now kicks off the holiday season, so some of you may want to know about our new McBride Magic & Mystery School Gift Certificate, good towards tuition for whatever class you might choose. Something to place on your own wish list, or to buy for your favorite magician! Just go to magicalwisdom.comand you’ll see the link for it!

I’ll write more about the holidays and some upcoming adventures Jeff has planned in our next note. In the meantime, enjoy what’s left of “national magic month!”

Best wishes.
Tobias Beckwith

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