Ready for a Trailblazing Adventure in Magic?

“In order to give your audience a magical experience, you must first have a magical experience, for you cannot give a gift you do not possess” – Jeff McBride, The Magic & Mystery School

Ask Yourself These Three Questions
1. How can I make my life more meaningful and magical?
2. How can I take my life and my magic to the next level?
3. Where do I go to learn the real secrets of magic from the masters?
I remember listening to Eugene Burger at one of our Master Classes. He lowered his voice and whispered to me, “The real secrets of magic are not in books or DVDs. The real secrets are handed down from the master to the student…in whispers.” 

Sunrise at Stonehenge – Master teacher Eugene Burger and Jeff McBride sharing a magical adventure. When will you have your next magical adventure?

Eugene and I toured the world many times, and we so loved sharing our magic with students. Every time we traveled, we opened ourselves to meeting new friends, having new experiences, and expanding our magical knowledge. Now, we continue that tradition of creating magical experiences, and you are invited.

Choose Your Own Adventure

We have created many new magical experiences with you in mind. Take a look at the following experiences! How many of the four will you choose?

1. The 7-Day Master Class – a journey that will change your magic forever.
2. Secrets of Award Winning Magic – an online Zoom class.
3. Is there really a Solo Show Boot Camp training week for magic?
4. The all-new McBride Festival of Magic experience!

Find out the details of your next magical adventure here:

Live In-Person – Classes at the Magic & Mystery School
When you attend our classes you will learn the real secrets of Masters Magicians, see great shows, enjoy lectures, and receive hands-on training, all while experiencing the greatest magic city in the world – Las Vegas!

Is There Such a Thing as a Magic Spa?

Many of our students say that a day visiting the Magic & Mystery School is like attending a “Magic Spa.”  We create a safe space for magical exploration, and do our best to nurture your personal magic and inspire you with our magical training sessions.

“Through the art of magic, we become alchemists of perception, transforming the mundane into the extraordinary.” – Alan Moore

Fire Magic 2024! Learn the Secrets of the Fire Shaman

Now you can join us for two amazing days of fire, magic, and special effects, where you will learn the secrets of the shamans and fire sorcerers! Learn how to mix the special powders and potions, and how to manipulate fire in your performances.

Join us May 4–5 in Las Vegas for an incredible two-day training in the art and practice of fire magic. You will learn new skills, exciting techniques, and unique performance dynamics that you can apply to your own magic in a variety of ways. Gain the wisdom of powders and potions, sparkles and flashes, candles and combustibles, and much more. This event will feature significant hands-on experience with these techniques, and proper fire safety will be fully covered as well.
Lead instructor Fire Arts expert Kevin Axtell, and special guest teacher Master Magician Jeff McBride, invite you to join them on an exciting journey into the world of modern pyromancy. Elevate and ignite your magic to new heights at Fire Magic 2024!    
Regular Ticket Link (currently $450)
The Mystery School Discount code link ($350)
Become a Member of Our Online School
Become a member at and join us on Zoom every Monday night for a live magic class.

Tune into the live webcast each Monday night on, and enjoy the special guests, celebrity interviews, prize giveaways, product reviews, and magic wisdom from the world’s leading magicians.
See you online or in person as we host your next magical adventures here in Las Vegas!
Jeff and Abigail McBride

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