Our Very Own Santa

Greetings, magical friends,

Holiday greetings to all!  

First, a big thanks to all of you who helped us make Jeff McBride – The Story Master such a success! We’ve been receiving lots of wonderful responses, and are already planning the next show for one weekend in February.

Abigail and I have been spending nearly every night curled up in our reading chairs, sitting next to a crackling fire, drinking tea and reading magical stories to each other. We’ve been reflecting on our dearly missed Master and Mentor, Eugene Burger.

He was the “real Santa,” who gave us the gift of his friendship and guidance, and also helped me learn a deeper way to experience and learn the art of magic. One of Eugene’s favorite wisdom sayings was: “The real secrets of magic are not found in books or DVDs; they are passed down from master to student… in whispers.”

How do you learn magic?

Many of our students want to dive deeper this year, so we’ve created some brand-new classes!

MASTERS & MENTORS IN MAGIC– with Jeff McBride & Dr. Larry Hass

January 13th–27th, 2022

MASTERS & MENTORS IN MAGIC is an exciting new series where you get a front row seat to learn the “Secrets of the Masters!”

Jeff McBride and Larry Hass are privileged to have studied with many great masters of magic, live and in person. Now, Jeff and Larry pass down the essential lessons they’ve learned to you! They will share great secrets they have gathered from their teachers and their own deep studies into the presentation and philosophy of magic.

Become part of magic history!

Jeff and Larry spent years in the company of these true masters, and they’re excited to share their most treasured memories, insights, and magic routines from these encounters with you!

Eugene Burger, Juan Tamariz, Tommy Wonder, Bob Fitch, Lance Burton, Channing Pollock, Jeff Sheridan, Frank Garcia, Dai Vernon, Slydini — and many, many more!


—You will learn new & effective routines that illustrate the lessons of the masters.

—You will enjoy a guided tour through the recent history of magic with modern masters who made this art great.

—You will see how Jeff and Larry incorporate these teachings into their own work, and thereby create strong magic that remains their own.

—You will have access to these files for one year to deepen your studies.

—You’ll be part of a community of like-minded Magicians.


REGISTER NOW!  https://shop.magicalwisdom.com/events

* * *


Jan 14th–Mar 8th, 2022

Taught by Tobias Beckwith & Jeff McBride

Level up this year – join this class!

This will be a student-directed course in how to build an integrated business and career around your magical passion.

Congratulations! You’ve become a good magician and performer – but now you want more. You’re thinking of making this into a career, or maybe a fun side-hustle. That’s a big step! Or maybe you’ve already taken that step, and it’s time to change direction or shift that business into a higher gear.

  •  Every Tuesday and Friday at 9:30 am (Pacific) for a 45-minute session on Zoom. 
  •  15 sessions Live on Zoom, plus 8 video teaching lectures by Jeff & Tobias.

The class is limited to 18 students so that we will have time to focus on each of you and your needs. In some ways, it will function as much as a mastermind group, as it will as a seminar, which means sometimes some of you will contribute more than Jeff or Tobias does, because you have more experience in a particular area. Sometimes we will invite others we know to come in and address a particular subject if neither of us is the most expert of anyone we know in a particular area. It is our hope that the students will continue to assist one another to become the new leaders and innovators in our art.

Learn the professional secrets to answer these questions and more!

  • How will you structure your shows to best serve the needs of your clients?
  • How will you understand and manage your finances?
  • Learning to create work that packs small but plays big.
  • What are the legal considerations you need to handle?
  • Building long-term relationships with your own team and your clients.
  • What is showmanship, and how it can make all the difference?
  • How to develop the skills and systems you need to succeed.

Register now at https://shop.magicalwisdom.com/event/show-business-the-pro-class

The best way to learn magic?

Online personal mentoring is now available.

Private online magic lessons with Jeff McBride are being arranged for the new year.

What goes on at these one-on-one classes? Find out here!


Invite Jeff McBride to your next event or party!

We are now booking live and online events for 2022.

Jeff McBride’s Online Virtual Magic Shows.

Take a look!

Now for the 1st time you can have a custom-made virtual magic show for your friends and family, club, church or business, performed by one of the true masters of art. 

Jeff’s magic works GREAT on zoom. How can you get it?

All you need to do is call Abigail to arrange a time and date! (702) 450-0021.

Have a most magical new year and we will see you LIVE in Las Vegas or online in our virtual classroom!

Jeff and Abigail

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