On the go….

Jeff and Abbi are on their way out of the country again for their 2003 World Tour. They’re headed to Holland, Belgium and France then through Asia and finally back to NYC in April. I was on the phone with Jeff the other day and I couldn’t help but ask, “Jeff, do you ever stop?” Here’s his answer: “Well, yes and no. Do I ever stop traveling? Yes, when I can. Do I ever stop creating? No. That’s the reason I created the Magic School. I wanted a place where we can get together a few days during the month with some friends [who just happen to be the greatest creators and performers in the world – BK]. That’s why I’m so excited about our return home in April. I get to spend three days teaching with Jamy Ian Swiss and a day with Paul Daniels. Then Maestro Jon Pendragon is coming in May to help teach this class on illusions.” “Traveling as much as I do, sometimes I need to come home and just fill up again, to be re-inspired, and to re-kindle my passion in magic. Jamy, Paul and Jonathan will be in Las Vegas helping me sharpen my creative edge.” They are also here to help you. These are rare and precious opportunities for us to spend time in the company of masters.

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