Note from Max Maven & Eugene Burger

Every performer wants to involve the audience. This is particularly true for those of us who use direct participation in our shows. And yet, as we all know, sometimes spectators are horrified at the prospect of assisting the magician! How can we change that? Of course, that’s not the only challenge we face when spectators get involved. Sometimes — through no fault of our own — we get stuck with bad participants, who are difficult or drunk or dull (or all three!). How do we manage their behavior for the benefit of everyone else? “Handling Humans” is your chance to spend three days discussing these issues, and much more, with two of the most experienced interactive performers in the business. Eugene Burger and Max Maven are specialists in audience participation. In fact, that’s the primary definition of their shows. Over the years they have “handled” tens of thousands of people, in virtually every performance situation imaginable. In the process, each has made a number of fascinating discoveries. Now Eugene and Max will provide an in-depth workshop on these important topics. They’ll share insights, “war stories” and practical techniques that come from their experiences in the real world of entertainment. Unlike most art forms, magic requires the audience to become engaged. You can paint by yourself, you can sing in the shower, or dance in front of the mirror. But with magic the audience must join in. By understanding Spectator Management, you can turn this fact into an opportunity to enhance your own performances. And, in the company of two of magic’s most intriguing personalities, you know it’s going to be fun!

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