News Flash!

Dear Friends:

I know this is sooner than you’d normally expect another Museletter from us, but we’ve had so much news in the past 5 days, Jeff really wanted to make sure you all had it while it still IS news.  Here goes:

As of yesterday (and perhaps still today), the CNN story on Jeff’s workshop in Atlanta was on the front page of, in the “Living Section.  The story is headlined as “Man Travels the World Teaching Magic.”  You can view it at:

For Wonderground aficionados (and who isn’t?), don’t miss the feature article in the weekly “Seven” magazine:

You’ll learn more about Jeff’s thinking behind the creation of the Wonderground, and why it is rapidly becoming THE underground performance scene in Las Vegas.

In other late breaking news, the documentary on teen magicians “Make Believe” has been a huge hit at the LA Film Festival.  You can read about that now at these locations:

And, while I have your attention, be sure to check out the latest additions to The Virtual Magic & Mystery School at:

That’s all for now.  Jeff is off on a well-earned vacation at a festival, and will return just in time for the next Wonderground on July 15.

Best to all!

Tobias Beckwith
President – Tobias Beckwith, Inc.
Management to Jeff McBride
(702) 697-7002 (Las Vegas & Everywhere)
(415) 889-9491 (Bay Area/ Silicon Valley)

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