New Magic in Las Vegas!

Greetings Magical Friends,

Here’s the hot news from the sizzling hot Summer streets of Las Vegas….

Street Magic in Las Vegas!

We’re hearing lots of buzz in the news about the current political situation in Vegas concerning civil liberties and street performing. The ACLU is involved with protecting the rights of street performers to perform in public spaces, as part of our first Amendment rights.

ACLU Backs Street Performers in Las Vegas

Some of our students here in Vegas have taken action and are demonstrating with their magic on the streets. One of our WONDERGROUND players can be seen nightly weaving magic into the tapestry of Las Vegas night life:

Tim Wise is working on Fremont Street as “Wise, the Good Luck Genie.” Tim is doing a very interesting show where he gifts people with magical objects. People come up to him and “make a wish;” as the genie, he grants their wish by making a magical gemstone appear. Tim’s approach to “gift magic” reflects some of the philosophy of our Magic and Mystery School. Learn more about Tim Wise.

If you’d like to really take a deeper look into Gift Magic, enjoy Dr. Larry Hass’ talk “Giving and Magic” from a recent Magic and Meaning conference in our PEP Talks Online.

What is the Secret of Street Magic?

Watch this video and learn the real secrets behind this timeless style of conjuring.

England’s top street busker, Mario Morris will be a guest teacher at our Focus on Street Magic class, which runs October 8-10. We will take all the students out on the streets of Vegas to watch the pros work and learn the inner secrets of the trade.

More New Magic in Vegas

Paul Vigil is at KING INK at the THE MIRAGE hotel doing his formal close-up magic show. Paul is one of the finest sleight of hand workers on the planet. See his show when you get to Vegas.

Paul Vigil at King Ink

Getting Back to My Roots

I’m just back from my High School reunion, where I did a show for my schoolmates and a show for family and friends near my hometown in Goshen, NY. I won the “he still has the most hair” contest for my class!

Don’t forget to drop by The Wonderground this week. See you this week at our fantastic new show, either in person, if you’re in Vegas, or on if you’re not!

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