My Show From Hell

My first shows were disasters! 

I really wish I had heard Eugene Burger’s wise words when I was starting magic! 

I had many challenges. I was not very skilled. I was self-taught. I lived in the sticks and I had no local magic shop, no real professional books, and videos, and DVD’s would not even be on the market for years!

All I really had was my overwhelming passion for learning magic… I tried, and I often failed!

My show from hell #1

Crash! Splash and broken glass!

I often TRY to forget that show. My 5th grade elementary school show back in 1971. I made lots of mistakes. My milk pitcher fell off the table and cracked open, splashing milk and broken glass all over the front rows. Then the feather flowers got stuck in my sleeve. Ouch! The show was a disaster –but it was a start!  Here are a few words that helped me heal that awful memory.

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Zig Ziglar

Photo Credit: Sheryl A. Garrett

Taking your first steps in Magic? Let us show you the way.

Perhaps you love magic but have never taken a class or even performed before.

We are holding a class just for you! Magic for Beginners, from Jan. 23-25.

This class is the place to go for an in-depth introduction to the art of magic. Taught by the some of the world’s most respected magicians and magic teachers, participants will witness extraordinary magic, learn how to perform astonishing magic that is right for their skill level, and learn about the fascinating principles that make magic fun and exciting.

You do not have to be a performer to attend this class; it is designed for people who love magic, and who want to take their knowledge and appreciation of the art to a deeper level. 


The card trick that changed my life 

The fact is that one card trick did change my life! I will never forget the 1st card trick I learned. It set my mind on FIRE!

Over the years, I worked on this effect and refined it, and it is now a feature in my full close-up show. You can learn it here:

The History, Mystery and Magic of Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards hold a timeless mystique.  Regardless of whether you’ve been doing readings for ages or are brand new to this fascinating world, this class is perfect for all those with an interest in cards, card magic and card readings.

Our modern-day deck of playing cards has a fascinating origin. Many say that modern-day cards came from the mysterious beginnings of the tarot.  Some say they are a mystic oracle, and a book of ancient wisdom handed down through the ages.

Tarot cards are beautiful, magical objects filled with powerful and mysterious symbols. One thing we know for sure is cards of all styles are imaginative, fun and highly entertaining.

Study with us here:

Magic routine of the year!

Many of you saw my Rainmaker on “FOOL US” with Penn & Teller.

I will be sharing the secrets to this original effect with just a few students this year.

So reserve your spot now at:

Winter Training in Las Vegas

Here’s a perfect way to warm up your body and soul… with magic!

Take a vacation day (or six) and join one of our amazing training events. These are among our newest and most popular offerings. Let us host you in Las Vegas
We are delighted to help you plan your Las Vegas Vacation  

If you have any questions about our events please call Abigail at 702-450-0021

MAGIC CASTLE – Hollywood

I’ll be at the Magic Castle from Jan 15th- 21st 2018, and I’m told all the dinner reservations are sold out. You must be a member of The Magic Castle to get into this show.

United Kingdom Tour: April 2018

Join Larry Hass and me for our only Master classes the UK in 2018. For info

Photo Credit: Richard Faverty

WONDERGROUND 10 Year Anniversary!

That’s a looooong run in “Las Vegas years!”
Yes! 10 years running EVERY month!
Thursday December 21st, 2017
3 Great Shows!  One Night Only! Never to be repeated!
8pm – Your MC is  Abigail  McBride 
     Steve Owens - Extraordinary Manipulations
     Lion Fludd - Comedy with a magic touch
     Fr Daniel Rolland - The Priest-tidigitator
     Charlie Mount & Chloe - Magical Musings
     Elliott Hitchcock - International Man of Mystery

9pm Close – Up Magic - Will Bradshaw is your MC

     Elliott Hitchcock

     Charlie Mount

     Fr Daniel Rolland

     Scott Steelfyre & Lion Fludd at the WONDERBAR

10pm - Tim Wise is your MC
     Will Bradshaw - Holiday Hocus Pocus
     Steve Owens - Shadow-Magic
     Tim Wise - the Magical Game Show!
     Charlie Mount & Chloe - Makers of the Impossible
     Chris Randall -  The Championship Act

Stay happy and warm this winter… and if you want to be really happy and warm, come visit us in Las Vegas!  See you here in town, online, or on the road!

Jeff and Abigail 

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