Music, Breath, Love & Magic

It seems that the human race has lost a great deal of the ancient science of magic, but if there remains any magic, it is music.  Music, beside power, is intoxication. When it intoxicates those who hear, how much it must intoxicate those who play or sing themselves! And how much more must it intoxicate those who have touched the perfection of music and have meditated on it for years and years. It gives them an even greater joy and exaltation than a king feels sitting on his throne.

– Hazrat Inayat Khan

Today, our Museletter comes to us from Abigail McBride.

Abigail Singing

Greetings Magical Friends,

Abigail here, taking a break from practicing my music, and writing from the House of Mystery in Las Vegas. I would like to invite you, right here and right now, to slow down for a moment, to give yourself the gift of a deep, gentle breath, and pause for a moment in your day.

So often, we are rushing from one moment to the next, pursuing our dreams and fulfilling our responsibilities, so caught up in the “Oh, and then, I gotta remember to…” that we nearly miss the moments we are actually in.

So, here, then, is a gentle reminder, a whisper across the pixels and through the web, for you to simply breathe for a moment or two, and come back to this moment, with all the gifts and lessons it has to offer.

I’ve heard it said that the breath is a metaphor, and how we breathe reflects a great deal of how we live, how much we really allow ourselves to receive and to release in any given moment.

Abbi Shadow

The other day, I was reading an article that suggested we “drink air,” meaning that we sip in all the air we can with each inhalation, learning to completely use all of our lungs, and noticing the effect that more air moving into and out of our bodies has on us, as a whole.

In the same article, I read the suggestion to “breathe water,” meaning to keep a glass of water nearby, and to sip on it throughout the day, maintaining our hydration and keeping ourselves “in the flow.”

Abbi & Jeff

“Love and magic have a great deal in common. They enrich the soul, delight the heart. And they both take practice.”


I am deeply fortunate to have such a wonderful man to practice growing in love with. This August will mark 15 years that we’ve been married, and we continue to deepen and grow more in love each day. Saying “I do,” to him was one of the best choices I’ve ever made; one I am grateful for, every day.

I continue to deepen into my various practices, of music, meditation, and dance. I am also putting more energy into giving and receiving appreciation, tuning into gratitude, and becoming ever more mindful of the simple things, like eating, drinking water, walking and breathing.

May it be so, for you, too.

Your friend in magic,


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