MuseLetter: Mind Expanding Magic & The Real Halloween Party

Dear Friends:

We are having a Halloween party, and you are invited!

Jeff McBride here in Vegas. I am preparing new adventures for those willing to expand their minds!

SHHH! Hidden in this letter is a bonus video for those of you who want to dig even deeper into the real meaning of this season, if you dare!

I have a few invitations for you my friends; one is a party, and the other is an immersive learning experience. (But first let’s look into this month’s darker theme, if you really dare!)

The Real Meaning of Halloween?? 
Historians have linked Halloween to Samhain, the Celtic festival of the summer’s end celebrated in Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Man. According to Celtic mythology, the veil between the Otherworld and our world thins during Samhain, making it easier for spirits and the souls of the dead to return. People would make offerings of food in order to get on the good side of these spirits and departed ancestors.

Different traditions celebrate this autumn season in many ways. Here in Las Vegas, we are celebrating by doing what we do best, putting on a party!

I have created a show that will inspire you, shock you, and maybe even raise your spirits in these dark times!

MAGIC, MASKS AND MONSTERS – Twisted Mysteries & Bizarre Storytelling
One day only! Saturday Oct 30th, 12pm & 6pm Pacific – (Vegas time.)

Join me for my online Halloween party! Wherever you are on planet earth — you can make it!

A limited number of tickets are available here:

Jeff McBride, Master of Masks & Mystery, invites you to his House of Mystery for our first-ever interactive Halloween show, directed by Tobias Beckwith, with special guests including Media-Mage Scott Steelfyre — and more surprise guests!

“One of the greatest teachers in the history of magic.
He’ll share an important story – his own.”
– David Copperfield

October is World Magic Month, and your spirit guide for Magic, Masks & Monsters will be Jeff McBride, whose passion for masks, monsters, and magic, his live Las Vegas shows, and his recent MagicQuest virtual show have all helped him gain critical acclaim. 

Jeff has created an all-new experience, using the wonderful interactive tools developed to create MagicQuest — this time with a very different set of dark stories and very twisted magic!

Once again, there will be a Special VIP afterparty, in which we will share some of the more frightening and bizarre aspects of Jeff’s extensive Curiosity and Oddity collection.


Last month we SOLD OUT all tickets! So don’t miss out — ORDER NOW! CLICK HERE for your ticket. Get just one ticket for your entire household!

Also coming up in mid-November is a special online class for those who want to dive deeper into the real mysteries of magic.

The Las Vegas Seance Summit – A Celebration of Bizarre Magick and Storytelling – November 19-21, 2021    

They said it couldn’t be done–an online seance. But, after last year’s success, we decided to do it again! Dedicated to the Spirit Theater and Bizarre Magick of Eugene Burger.

Some of the top minds in the world of spirit theater, seance, and bizarre magick will gather online to form a circle, and to share their stories as we journey together into the world of shadows and candle-lit mysteries. When the candles are extinguished, these spirits will emerge enlightened, armed with messages of hope and courage for these challenging times.

Raising Your Spirits in a Time of Darkness
Join us for this 3-day online adventure from darkness to light, as we explore the history and mystery of the performing arts of seance and bizarre magick, with some of world’s leading mystery teachers and entertainers.  

The teaching team:  Jeff McBride, Dr. Larry Hass, and Paul Draper, with special guests: Daniel Gastelum, Careena Fenton-Cullen, Kevin Lepine, John Ferrentino, Jon Stetson, Joe Cabral, Vince Wilson, and David Parr, with other guests to be named! 

On November 19-21, 2021, the Magic & Mystery School will once again hold an Online Seance Summit. Our subject: the performance arts of seance, Bizarre Magick, and storytelling, this course will:

  • Celebrate the Spirit Theater of Eugene Burger.
  • Explore the rich possibilities of raising spirits in dark times.
  • Focus on tricks, techniques, manifestations, & special effects for creating this kind of magic, both light and dark.

Now, as we journey into the dark time of the year you just might need some magic to lift your spirits in these dark times.

Well, my friends, here is magic that is guaranteed to make you and your friends smile! This is one of the most versatile magic routines I’ve ever performed. Now you can learn why I love to perform this in every one of my shows!

You can perform it to music, perform it silently — or with the professional scripts provided. You can even create your own custom presentation. It can be performed solo or interactively with audience members. Take a look!

You can order yours now by clicking here:

You take a large silk handkerchief. Tie a very fair and sturdy knot in the center. Tug on the knot to make sure it’s secure… Then, you make a magical gesture, and the knot mysteriously slides right off the end of the silk!! This can be repeated with a hilarious kicker finale. 

BEKOS Packs Small & Plays Big! 

You can perform this strolling, street, parlor, and it is visible even on the largest stages. BEKOS is a complete professional routine! 

Our detailed instructions, scripting, and presentational tips will give you all you need to dazzle and delight your audiences. Your choice of classic red, or Smiley Face yellow. BEKOS comes complete with special, improved knots, and access to a special online training video. Get it here:

I hope you find something of interest on our Events Schedule this fall. it is our great pleasure to host you! I will see you at our online Halloween party or here in Vegas at one of our live events.

Jeff & Abigail and all your friends at Mystery School

PS: you made it so far, so here is the bonus video… it brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it.

PPS We still have a spot left for our Weekend of Wisdom, coming up next weekend. Use the calendar link below to grab it!

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