Make Your Work Your Play!

“I slept and dreamed that life was joy, I awoke and saw that life was duty, I acted and, behold, duty was joy.”
–Rabindranath Tagore

Abbi and I love Tagore’s writings, and they inspire us as we weave our work, play and passions together into our magic. My friend, Scott Hitchcock, often reminds me: “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life!” This sounds like something the late, great Walt Disney would say. Abbi and I love creating new projects. Over the past few years, we’ve been creating new events because YOU ask for them! At the end of every class or event, we hand out feedback forms, and we ask our friends and students “how can we make this even better?” Here are a few of the new events we have been brewing up…. 

MYSTERIUM – January 30 through February 1st
If you live around Las Vegas, or plan to visit, you may want to join us for one of our most progressive experiences. The Vegas Vortex presents an opportunity to play, to create, to learn, make music, art, share stories and magic… More info, including registration at 

Featured Mysterium events include:

  • Community Feast
  • CandleDance: a techno-tribal dance party!
  • Dream Alchemy
  • Alchemical Ritual Theater
  • Indoor All Night Sacred Fire Circle

I have been learning some new technologies by participating in an online magic community called STREET OF CARDS. Each night, after work, I share ideas and magic with online friends and students at 

Now we can talk to our friends all over the world! This is a great new magic community that I encourage you to explore. Many of the Las Vegas pros are there, talking shop and sharing ideas. This is a very interesting way to study magic. There are a lot of great magic videos, both modern and classic. Make sure you explore the “on demand” part of the site. It’s sort of like MTV for magic! It also has a chat room and a “cam-chat” section too. I have my camera on, and can visit with small groups of friends, to share ideas and stories. See you on the Street of Cards, friends!

The next few weeks will take me to Peru, and Blackpool, England. I will be doing a special three-day Master Class as part of the Blackpool convention. Blackpool is one of the most amazing magic events in the world, and I would love to see you, my friends. If you would like to attend my special class, contact Derek Lever

Our Museletter readers are the first ones to know about new classes. Most of our events we keep to about one dozen students. This creates real intimacy and allows for hands-on attention. Here is a list of new classes that have just gone up on our online schedule today. First dibs are yours! Call Abbi for more information at 702-450-0021. 

Focus on Quick Change Costumes, with Lee Alex: August 12, 13
Extended Master Class: August 19 – 25
Sisters of Mystery, a Magical Conference for Women: September 7, 8, 9
Magic & Martial Arts: September 22, 23, 24
Master Class: September 25, 26, 27
Focus on Street Magic: October 9, 10, 11
MAGIC AND MEANING: October 21, 22, 23, 24
Magic and Medicine: November 6, 7, 8
Master Class for Mentalists: November 11, 12, 13

When I’m back from tour, I will be holding a few private sessions here at the House of Mystery. So, when you come to Las Vegas, make sure to set up your session a few weeks early. You can do this easily by emailing Abbi, or by phone: 702 450-0021. 

Your friend,

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