Magical Spring and Summer Events

Greetings Friends,

Simplicity is the key that unlocks the door to pleasurable travels. Touring the world for months at a time, we have to be very practical about what we bring with us.

Eugene Burger is the master of simplicity. The Zen aesthetic of Eugene Burger with his yellow cotton thread.simplicity informs all his magic and life. When he works on a new script, he refines it to just the essential words to fit the action. When it comes to travel, he has it down to a science! He can travel the world with just his carry-on luggage; no
checked bags. After twenty years of touring, I have gotten it down to three bags. I am always learning the art of elegant simplicity from Eugene. He seems to be able to travel the world with merely a deck of cards and spool of yellow cotton thread. He is my hero! My goal is to get my full evening touring show down to just a few simple props. My new mantra is: “The one who can do the most, with the least…wins!”

Eugene also told me about one of his favorite books “The Packing Book: Secrets of the Carry on Traveler” — by Judith Gilford. Eugene learned much about the art of travel by reading this book. He passed it on to me and now I’m passing the information to you friends…travel light!

In a very few days Eugene and I will be on our European Spring tour. We are looking forward to the events in Cornwall, England and Amsterdam, Holland. We will be performing at the Princess theater; to get your tickets, just visit this website:

After the show we will be teaching a three day class in Cornwall and then we’re going to Bath and Stonehenge. Through special arrangements we have been
granted visitation rights to enter the stone circle at sunrise. This is a rare experience and we will give you a full report on the magic of Stonehenge in our upcoming Muse-letters.

Jeff and Abbi at homeJust to let you know, a couple of spots have opened up for our Amsterdam MASTER CLASS, if you would like to attend. Eugene and I will be in Amsterdam for the class April 13,14,15,16. We will also be doing 2 PUBLIC SHOWS at the Casa Blanca night club. For all information on our shows and classes in the Netherlands drop our good friend and producer George Parker an email at or visit his very interesting and magickal website

Abbi will be home in Las Vegas for the month of April. She is working on her new album. If you’d like to see or hear some of her music you can check out some free samples of her work and listen to them at

Fire MagicAbbi found this great quote, by Nora Roberts about love and magic for us:

“Love and magic have a great deal in common. They enrich the soul, delight the heart. And they both take practice.”

When we’re home in early May, Tobias has arranged a show for us in Temecula, CA. We hope to see our California friends at that event!

In May we are going to host our 4 day camping and fire circle gathering, MAYFIRE. This event will take place in the beautiful Valley of Fire state Park , just one hour from Las Vegas. If you have been wondering about what we do at the fire you can find out at

Your friend in the mystical arts,


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