Magical October

“Last Halloween a kid tried to rip my face off. He thought it was a mask. Now it’s different when I open the door the kids hand me candy.”–Rodney Dangerfield

Greetings Magical Friends and Family,

October is one of my favoriteEarly Inspiration for Jeff's Mask Act months. It’s the time of myths, monsters and mayhem. I grew up in a little town in upstate New York, called Rock Hill. Halloween was my favorite holiday. I remember, as a pre-teen, prowling around the streets in my werewolf costume, banging on neighbor’s windows and scaring the nightlights out of them. All this mayhem wreaked on my unsuspecting neighbors, weeks before Halloween came around. Yes, Lon Chaney was my hero.

My sisters got the worst of it. I remember when my older sister, Donna, had just come home from watching the horror movie The Exorcist. I dressed up like a monster and hid in her closet, and just before she fell asleep, I started scratching on the walls, rousing her from her slumber, and when she rose to investigate the sound, I leapt, screaming, as only a prepubescent wolf-boy can do.


Yep, she still hates me. Since then, I have channeled all of this monstrous energy into more practical endeavors, like this one…

Abbi and I will be hosting the annual Las Vegas Witches and Wizard’s Ball. All the information is online at

Jeff's masks today...Next time you’re in Las Vegas…

Private Sessions
If you are interested in scheduling a private session here at the McBride House of Mystery, please contact Abbi at 702 450-0021 and she will assist you. (She’s an excellent assistant, and a terrific wife…)

Magic for Medical Professionals
We’re really excited to be hosting doctors and other medical professionals from around the world for our third annual Magic for Medical Professionals Conference. We will explore the art of magic from the shaman to the showman, and the connection between the magician and the healer.

Have a monstrously fun Halloween!

From your favorite wolf-boy magician,


NOTE: We have several new videos on line, including a new brief trailer for “Jeff McBride – A Magickal Life.” Check it out at

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