Life & Death – Fear & Courage

Eugene Lamp

“You are the magician in your own life.

You are the agent of transformation, your own transformation.”

— Eugene Burger

In this month’s MuseLetter you will see what I consider the best video of Eugene I’ve seen in recent years.

Eugene will inspire you to move beyond your Fear and summon your Courage. This is Eugene at his most inspirational.

Eugene Julian Video

Thank you to Julian James for this inspired video.

Thank you “Animated Conjuror” for the Eugene images.

People are asking, “How can we help keep Eugene’s magic and his memory alive for future students of the art?” Here is one easy way:

The Eugene Burger Legacy Fund

Go here:

Master Magician Eugene Burger touched the lives of thousands of people — and his teachings have reached countless more. You can preserve Eugene’s legacy while helping talented magicians learn the art and craft of magic at the school Eugene most loved.

The Estate of Eugene Burger — administered by Michael Burke and Robert Charles in Chicago, and following Eugene’s wishes — has founded a special Eugene Burger Legacy Fund at the McBride Magic & Mystery School in Las Vegas.

Every dollar of your gift will help talented magicians carry forth Eugene’s legacy by creating opportunities for them to study and learn with Eugene’s friends and co-teachers:  Jeff McBride, Lawrence Hass, Tobias Beckwith, and the rest of the teaching team at the Magic & Mystery School.

On behalf of the Estate of Eugene Burger and on behalf of the Faculty and Staff of the Magic & Mystery School, thank you for honoring Eugene in this way — and for making a big difference in the life of a deserving magician who will “grow in the art of magic” because of your generosity.

Michael Burke and Robert Charles

The Estate of Eugene Burger

Lawrence Hass, Ph.D.

Associate Dean, Magic & Mystery School

Eugene Heart


Thursday Oct 19th

3 GREAT shows! One night only!


WG 2016

I think we might set a world record for the most magicians performing in one area on one special night!

Over 70 magicians from our McBride Magic & Mystery School will attend this month’s show! It will be beyond imagination!

WG Video

October 19th, 2017

7:30 PM  -    Strolling Magic & Close up

8:00 PM  -    Tim Wise is your MC

Jeff McBride – Manipulations Supreme

Chris Funk – Progressive Magic Theater

Cody Clark – Fringe Magic!

Payne – Always a Mystery to Remember!

Will Bradshaw – A Great way to Escape Reality

9:00 PM  -   Close-up & Strolling Magic Show

Will Bradshaw is your MC

Tim Wise – At the WONDER-BAR

Chris Funk – Brings it on!

Mysto – Delightful Deceptions

Cody – Charming Conjuring

Payne – Mirthful Mysteries – MONEY MAKER

Plus 70 of the Mystery School Magicians!

10:00 PM  -   Jeff McBride IS YOUR MC

Stephanie and Mylissa – Mind & Body Benders!

Chris Funk – Bring on the Funk!

Circe – The Enchantress from Cuba!

Tim Wise – Ready, Aim & Fire!

Mysto – Flights of Fancy

Xavier Mortimer! – Las Vegas Star!



Our fabulous host Simone Marron – “Queen Bee of the Las Vegas magic scene!” Photography by Sheryl Garrett, Bar Magic with Scott Steelfyre, Corey Rubino, Taylor Lloyd, New World Rhythmatism Belly Dancers, Guest Belly Dance Stars, Psychic Sideshow with Alan Scott, live art with Areeya – and many more surprises and special celebrity guests.

That’s it for this week.

I look forward to seeing you at Wonderground, on Mystery School Monday ( at, or at one of our events here in Las Vegas soon!

Best wishes for a magical October.


Jeff McBride

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