Las Vegas is on Fire!

Greetings friends,

The summer is here and things are heating up! Not only is it over 100° outside every day, but new shows are opening and Las Vegas business is back, better than ever! How do all of us at the Mystery School beat the heat? We get out of town, go on the road, and make some cool magic with our friends…so look for us on the road this summer!

Paying it Forward – the Next Generation of Magic
Mystery School will be helping with the 2022 Lance Burton Teen Magic Seminar. Dr. Larry Hass, Tetro, and Elliot Hunter will team up with Lance Burton and his friends at the International Brotherhood of Magicians convention in Atlanta, Georgia. We love teaching magic with Lance because he is so committed to nurturing the magicians of tomorrow. For over twenty years, Lance has hosted this event, and it is free to all teens who are part of the convention!

Right after the Atlanta convention, Mystery School will be heading to Quebec, Canada, for the FISM convention. Mystery School will have its own room, so if you are attending the convention, drop in and visit us! We will be hosting workshops and teachings all day every day, and will be the cool late night place to session with your magic.

Jeff McBride was presented with one of the magic world’s highest honors – the Special Award for Theory and Philosophy of Magic from the FISM

The 2022 FISM (Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques) World Championships of Magic takes place in Québec, Canada, from July 25-30, and will feature the lead faculty of Jeff McBride’s Magic & Mystery School in Las Vegas. The school will be set up with its own space next to the dealer’s room. The Mystery School team will be offering mini-lectures and workshops, as well as magic jam sessions in their space at the convention. Many of our friends and faculty members will be joining us, so it is surely a grand occasion to get help with your magic  – and it is all absolutely free if you attend the convention!
As you read this we will be hosting our 7-Day Master Class, with 17 students from all over the world. It’s amazing to watch our friends and students grow in the art of magic. Recently, one of those students was accepted into the Magic Castle! Susan Zeller is the magical storyteller, and here is part of her story.

When we asked Susan how she creates her magic and achieves her goals, she said, “With Jeff’s mentorship and support, I realized my dream to become a Magician Member of the AMA and to perform my show at the Magic Castle. The actual audition process for the Magic Castle was fun. I was confident and relaxed, in part due to the encouragement from Jeff. I was very prepared, and that helped me to succeed in impressing the audition committee. I also won several awards along the way. The ideas for my magical creations come from my life and personality. They exist in my mind as bits and pieces of emotions, grand theater, singing, and classic magic that is exciting to me and resonates with my audiences. 

Jeff has been my mentor for the last couple of years. My decision to work with Jeff and to trust him to assist me with my ideas has helped me to bring my ideas to life. He also was able to help me to solidify my brand and costuming for my character, Susan Zeller, The Magical Storyteller. I have a new lecture for magic clubs that I call “Conjuring Your Dreams.”

Thank you Susan, for sharing your inspiration and encouraging words! You can find more about Susan Zeller here:

Bizarre Magic in Baltimore

Susan will be joining me, and many other top magicians, for the Poe’s Magic Conference. Baltimore’s best magic conference is back – and with Jeff McBride as the keynote speaker! Tickets are at a reduced rate only for a limited time. Check out more about the incredible line-up here:

I look forward to seeing you at the conventions, on the road, or at a class online. Now I’m going to go take a dip in the Mystery School pool!

Stay cool everyone,


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