Keep Your Magic Alive

So many magicians learn new effects, play with them for a few days, then put them in a drawer to collect dust and die!
There is another way! Bring your magic to life! I can teach you my â€œReal Magic Formula” that is tried, true, and tested among professionals in close up venues, and on stages all around the world.
This could be your most important class of the year! 

7 Secrets to creating a successful show
7 Essential Building Blocks 
+ 7 Great Routines

IMAGINE: YOU COULD take the magic that you already own and perform, and learn the techniques on how to transform your individual effects into a Full Magic Experience.

  • Learn how to grab the attention of the room.
  • Learn to tell your personal story in a powerful way.
  • Learn the real secrets of audience interaction and getting FULL participation.
  • Learn how to transition in between effects. This is where most performers fail.
  • Learn professional secrets on how to get the audience on their feet.
  • Learn new magic effects and routines to add to your repertoire.
  • Experience two wonderful classes filled with wisdom, fellowship, and good cheer.

This class is for all those who love magic and want to make a REAL show out of what they already know!
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MEETING THE MASTER …and the master is YOU!
This great clip shows EXACTLY how I work with new students.
It is a joy to share my techniques and experience with them, and to see them become their own master… WATCH!

Watch from 1:15 – 2:28
“The goal of the teacher is to help create students 
that transcend the teacher”
– Eugene Burger

Mystery School Student of the Month: BRADEN DANIELS
I love what I do!  Each day, I work on Zoom with my students. This month I’d like you to meet one of the progressive magicians I have had the pleasure of training. His name is Braden Daniels and I hope his words will inspire you.

Braden says, “Back in March, Jeff and the amazing faculty at the Magic & Mystery School opened up their doors to welcome in magicians from all over the world, as they began to offer an array of new classes for us online. I seized the opportunity to grow and develop.
The seed for change was planted in April with Tobias Beckwith’s Spring Training: Shifting Gears for Your Career, which started me thinking deeply about where I really wanted to take my magic career. I highly encourage all students to take Tobias’s classes and engage with the materials provided. 
That seed for change was watered and transformed again in August ,when the Magic & Mystery School held another unprecedented class: Creating Magic in Business with Tobias Beckwith and David Morey, which included both magicians and business leaders from around the world. David and Tobias instilled in us, among many other valuable lessons, the importance of frameworks and clarity of message. I walked away with actionable strategies to begin re-shaping my brand and its offerings to be more aligned with who I am, and what I love to do. 
Now, I am combining my 20 years of business experience in developing teams with my passion for magic, by ‘edu-tain-ing’ and mentoring organizational leaders and entrepreneurs. I help leaders harness the power of their inner magician through my one-to-one mentorship programs, and my online training workshop Lead Like a Magician, for any new to mid-career level leaders, who want to stay competitive in the ever-changing landscape of business. 2020 has been an amazing year for me and the leaders I serve, because of the Magic & Mystery School!
Get more info on Braden here:

Like Braden, we all need people to help and encourage us as we grow in the art of magic. Now, you have a rare opportunity to work with me as your Mentor and coach. I will help you meet your goals, break out of your comfort zone, and deepen your understanding and appreciation of our magical art. My Mentorship and coaching services will inspire and empower your magic. 
Remember that you already possess all you need! Now it is time to train, learn, reflect, and organize what you already have.
Just email and she can set us up with a time to meet on Zoom!
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Our new virtual magic experience is now taking reservations.

To get updates, please email Abigail to get on the waiting list:

This is a new year for major new changes. All of us here at the Magic & Mystery School are ready to help you along your path to mastery.
Yours in the great Mystery.
Jeff McBride

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