Jeff McBride – World Ambassador of Magic

“Awards represent achievement, and to an extent, they show more about who you are as a person than the personal items you picked out and purchased, because they show desire, ambition, goals, and accomplishment.”

         –Jarod Kintz



Dear Friends:

The Stevens Magic family recently sent out the following press release:

Jeff McBride-The World Ambassador of Magic–There is no better fitting title for Jeff McBride. A man that proves that success is about finding something you love to do and making it your passion. Sure, it’s hard work, but when it satisfies the soul, it enriches you greatly. In fact that “enrichment” is so powerful that it also radiates outward, propelling its positive energy and synergy benefiting thousands of other people.

Jeff McBride travels the world spreading joy, education, fellowship and entertainment; he is without question, one of the most in-demand artists of our century; yet, he remains humble, with his feet firmly planted on the ground, whether it’s at home in Las Vegas, or at a show or convention in Thailand. Jeff McBride has the gift of creative vision. Jeff embraced early the concept of incorporating other arts, and blending them all together years before the rise of Le Cirque du Soleil.

Robert Houdin Award

His supporters and fans are, without question, the most loyal and devoted we have ever seen – as they should be…. Because Jeff is always approachable, his aura is always strong and positive. In simple truth, there is no one in the art that has ever filled the capacity he has – ever. And I don’t think you can find a magician on the planet that would dispute this fact.


In the end, it’s another award for Jeff, a man who deserves every good thing in his life, and much more… But more important than the physicality of the award, is the testimony of others about Jeff. As is so eloquently stated in “IF” by Rudyard Kipling; “If you can walk with Kings and not lose the common touch,”

Hear the full poem here:

IF Poem

Jeff McBride is a man comfortable and humble among all people.  A man who, while reading this (after the first paragraph), would already be thinking to himself, it’s not just me, it’s very much the people around me, Abigail, Eugene Burger, Tobias, Larry, and Bryce and many others. No question that is true too – but the fact that Jeff would be the first to state it makes him all the more deserving of this recognition.

FISM Award

Special FISM Award nomination for Theory & Philosophy

This award gives tribute to a person who has approached magic from a viewpoint that is analytical, academic, perhaps even spiritual.

Prior recipients: 2006, Tommy Wonder (Netherlands); 2009, Juan Tamariz (Spain); 2012, Eugene Burger (USA)

2015 Nominees:

Roberto Giobbi (Switzerland)

Federico Ludueña (Argentina)

Jeff McBride (USA)

Gabi Pareras (Spain)

Markus Zink (Germany)

Jeff said, “I am honored to have been nominated for a special FISM AWARD! I’m in great company!” Jeff continued, “I really think that quality that makes one a master of time and space is to take advantage of every moment and live it fully.”

“Procrastination is a persuasive THIEF; It slowly takes from you what ambition would have protected.…Your future.”

–John Christian

WONDERGROUND May 21, 2015 – One Night Only! Never to be Repeated!

You are invited to the biggest magic party in Las Vegas!

7:30PM   -  Strolling Magic with Will



Your Host — Tim Wise

Professor Pheylx – A  clever

charming conjurer

Tommy Ten- Mental act- direct

from Europe

Jeff McBride- Always a new mystery


Your host — Christian Diamond

Professor Pheylx- Where

Personality, Style & Mystery Meet

Jeff McBride- The Magic Castle

Close-up act!

Lion Fludd- Magic star on the rise!


MC & Host — Jeff McBride

Luna Shimada- A Magical Legacy

Ryan Dubya Stock- Master of the


Circe- Direct from TV shows in Paris!

PLUS: Bar Magic with Zack Pattee and Scott Steelfyre, Iam Creed, and Randilyn

The Kumuda Tribal Belly Dance Troupe, Psychic Sideshow with Alan Scott, live art with Areeya and many more surprises and special celebrity guests!!

Remember friends…

“Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.”
— often attributed to Groucho Marx; but the true originator is Anthony G. Oettinger

See you at the show, and again here on June 1!

Jeff McBride and the staff of

The McBride Magic and Mystery School

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