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Hard Core Magic

QUESTION: What separates an “OK magician” from a GREAT magician?


Great magicians have developed a formula that makes an unforgettable impact on their audiences. World-famous close-up, stand-up, and stage magicians have developed THE CORE ACT to perfection. What are the essential ingredients to THE CORE ACT

  • AN EYE-POPPING OPENING — How to grab attention and sustain it.
  • SHOW-STOPPING MIDDLE ROUTINES — Sharing your personal message with your magic
  • A STANDING OVATION GRAND FINALE! — Leave your audience breathless and wanting more!

In the past, THE CORE ACT took years and years to develop. However, now, because of the miracle of our online training programs, you can meet me in our virtual classroom, and I can personally guide you, step by step, in creating your own CORE ACT.

I can help you shave YEARS of frustration off your learning curve. I can also save you from wasting money and time, and direct you to make wise choices with your energy and finances.

  1. You will learn new magic routines, and develop powerful techniques that you will use for the rest of your life.
  2. You will learn how to take magic effects you already perform, and personalize routines to fit your style and character.
  3. You will learn presentation and performance skills, that will help you connect to your audience, and make your show a memorable theatrical experience.

I only hold these skill-building classes once a year. They are priced affordably, and we even offer financial assistance with our new Stipend Program. Our School believes in giving you a helping hand during these challenging times.

Please join me for this life-enriching, skill-building series.

Learn more and register at:

(Note: The first listing is for all four classes, but if you wish to take just one or two, you can scroll down the page and register for each one separately)

Yours in better magic,
Jeff McBride

Questions? Contact Abigail (702) 450-0021

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