Jeff McBride at war! No more!

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

–Sun Tzu, The Art of War


“This is how I feel when I’m at war… I am so over this!”

As you may have read, for the past few years I have felt like I’m in a war. A war of egos… and lawyers. I am ending it right now!  These fights over the theft of magic have been well-documented on the internet and on television.

One of the many reasons I’m making my performance pieces available is to end the drama of continued legal battles.  I would rather grant proper permission to people to perform these effects – than to spend my time trying to stop people when they steal them.

It’s time to wage peace instead of war.
Instead of doing battle with my sword, I’ve decided to use that very sword to knight the deserving and ethical magicians who are interested in performing my work and want to “do the right thing!”


“This is how it feels when I empower others with my magic!”

The Wrong Way & the Right
Another very important reason to make these performance pieces available is to teach people how to do them correctly.  As a magic teacher, I often see people learning things “the wrong way” and developing bad habits from reading books or attempting to train from a DVD. Personal one-on-one coaching is the very best way to learn the art of magic.

The New Way
I continue to create and develop new learning experiences for you, my friends in magic.  Over the years, with the help of our extraordinary faculty, we have developed many programs to help improve the quality of magic and the magicians who we train.  Now it is time to take a major leap forward in our creative offerings.


This new series is a step forward for our School, and also a step backwards in time… to a time when the real professional secrets of magic were passed down from master to student.  As Eugene Burger told me years ago, the real secrets are not in the books or on the DVDs, but are passed from master to apprentice… in whispers.
  • … is not a book, though it is crafted from hundreds of books.
  • … is not a DVD, yet it contains magic informed from hundreds of DVDs.
  • … is not an instant download. These performance pieces are life-works.
They’re not for everybody, but perhaps, they are for you.

What this series is:

  • A personal invitation for you to join me in Las Vegas.
  • A legacy of magic that you can proudly perform with complete permission and support from me.
  • The very best of my performance work, taught to you, one on one.

If my type of magic calls to you, please click on the link below for more information:

Yours in better magic.

Jeff McBride

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