Important Life Lessons

Dear Friends:

3 Important Life Lessons!

Q: What are the most important lessons in life?
A: Here are 3 important lessons I learned from my friend Johnny Thompson.

Johnny Thompson was my lifelong friend and an amazing magic teacher. His passing was a shock to the magic world. A few weeks ago, I had the honor of speaking at his memorial celebration. I chose to share three lessons that I learned from Johnny.

These are the lessons that stick to my heart. They are the lessons I will pass on to my friends, family, and students.The  lessons he taught me will always be remembered!

Johnny Thompson is now immortal! For those who are remembered never die!

1 – Don’t Stop Thinking!
Most people settle for the first answer to their question.Most magicians stop at the first solution to their problem. Johnny always said, “There are 20 or 30 more answers to the question!” He reminded us to keep thinking beyond our comfort zone. Keep coming up with possible solutions, methods,  and alternatives to our questions. Never stop thinking!

2 – Bring People Together
Johnny and his wife Pam would always bring people together around their dinner table. In fact, they had the longest dinner table in Las Vegas!

Johnny and Pam Thompson were the MOST sensational hosts in Vegas history! Abigail, Eugene and I attended so many of their dinner parties over the years. Each week Johnny and Pam would host a spaghetti dinner and invite visiting and local friends to their table.

Abigail and I have a tradition of hosting community dinners here at our home, in no small way inspired by the Thompson’s incredible talent for hospitality, bringing so many old and new friends together around the table!

3 – Always Say, “I Love You.”
Abigail also reminded me that whenever Johnny said goodbye to her, he said, “I love you Babe!” The fact is, Johnny said this to almost everyone all the time! He always took a moment to show his love for you.

For the guys, he always said, “I love you, Pal!” It was Johnny’s way of letting you know you were a special person in his life. He always left you with those warm words, “I love you.” I think I’m going to make a habit of this now–a very good habit to take up!

We miss Johnny, but his magic and inspiration live on in his books, videos, friends and students.

Our friend Christopher Rose is hosting a tribute site for Johnny Thompson. Go visit the site and add your story.

McBride World Tour News
The past few months have taken me to the UK, China, the Philippines, Canada, and many cities here in the States. This summer I return to the USA and will be teaching in Vegas and also performing and teaching at Hollywood’s famed MAGIC CASTLE from June 10-17.

I‘ll also be at Magic LIVE! in August, so I might see you there.

Let us know when you come this way. Just call Abigail at 702-450-0021 to let us know your schedule.

The Biggest Magic Party in Vegas!
May 16th, 2019 – one night only! 3 GREAT Shows! Never to be repeated! See the NEW magic!

8pm — Comedy & Variety Show
Tim Wise is your Host
Tetro – Modern Magic & Manipulation
Jimmy Fingers – Creator, Inventor, Artist
Bizzaro – He F*cks with your Brain! (in a good way)
Jeff McBride – a New Rendition of his classic “Heroes”

9pm — Close Up Magic, Bar Magic, & Strolling
Jimmy Fingers – New Magic Creations
Tetro – Up Close & Personal
Bizzaro – Step back! He may attack your normality!
Jeff McBride – “I’ve been working on a new one!”
Shocker – You have been WARNED!

LIVE- at the WONDERBAR – World Class Bar Magic
Kent Axell – Mind Melting Mysteries
Scott Steelfyre – Witness “The King of Kups”
Jimmy Fingers – A Mind Blowing American Original
Tim Wise – Hollywood Star of Magic

10pm — Stage Show Extravaganza!
Jeff McBride – Your Host with the Most!
Tetro – Magic in Flow Motion
Jimmy Fingers – Favorite Creators and Performers
Bizzaro – Normal is Just a Setting on the Dryer!
Ryan and AmberLynn – Stars of America’s Got Talent
Shocker – Consider this your FINAL WARNING!

All the Above Plus:
Dance by The New World Rythmatism Dancers, Photography by Sheryl Garrett, Strolling magic and Bar Magic by Scott Steelfyre & Maggie, Corey Rubino. Belly Dancers, Psychic Sideshow, Tarot Reading with Eliza Snow & many more surprises and special celebrity guests.

Final Thought

I always appreciate your feedback or comments, so please email me at — I always personally answer my emails from you!

Always remember –” We love you!”

Jeff and Abigail

Magic & Mystery School News

New Classes

Jeff McBride’s Commando Act Bootcamp – August 8 & 9, 2019
Jeff McBride has become world famous for teaching magicians how to live their dreams. In this first-ever “Commando Show Bootcamp,” Jeff will help YOU to create a perfectly practical stand-up magic show that can play anywhere!

“Pack Small & Play Big!”
2 days of Hands-On Magic Training with Jeff McBride. Many of the world’s top magicians started as street magicians, performing in demanding settings. A real magician should be ready and able to perform anytime, anywhere, even in the most challenging of environments.

Now, you can learn the secrets of the masters and receive hands-on personal instruction from America’s Grand Master of the Magical Arts, Jeff McBride.

The BEST way to learn magic = Live Personal Instruction.
The BEST place to learn magic = Las Vegas Magic Capital of the World.

Imagine yourself receiving hands-on, personal instruction by some of the top experts in the world of magic. Now you can! You will learn 9 professional routines you can do anywhere. You will learn a show-building formula to create custom made shows.

Get bullet proof effects 

  • For performing in the round
  • Indoors or outdoors  
  • For 1000 people or more 
  • With no setup & no strike time!!

This is the real work on how to get a show ready to rock in ANY situation. Never worry about angles or setup–just pick up ONE small case and walk through the stage door to your show. You enter clean, put your case on a chair, and do your 30 minutes. Pick up the case and walk off clean and ready for your next show.



  • Exclusive lecture notes & videos. 
  • (only available to students that attend this class).
  • Top 10 commando/portable grand illusions.
  • Free deck of Jeff McBride manipulation cards.
  • Enrollment in the Mystery School secret online group.
  • Access to the library of secrets, the private collection. 

This is one weekend that will help your magic forever! Space is limited to 12 students.  Register now to reserve your space.

Have you ever read 
The Expert at the Card Table is one of the most mysterious books ever written!

“The Expert at the Card Table is the most famous, and the most carefully studied book ever published on the art of manipulating cards at gaming tables.”
Martin Gardner

Published in 1902, It is considered by many to be “The Bible” of Card Technique. No other book in all of conjuring has been so avidly read, and so affectionately regarded. Now you can begin to master the techniques that have confounded many of the top card experts for over 100 years!

We know how challenging it can be to learn from a book or DVD, so for the VERY FIRST (AND PERHAPS ONLY) TIME, you can have personal and professional help with your card technique from the very best in the business.

September 14th-15th 2019
Join us for 2 days that will change your card magic forever!
In this exciting two-day seminar, you will get hands-on training with two of the world’s foremost experts on card technique: Jeff McBride – America’s Grand Master of the Magical Arts, and Allan Ackerman – The Las Vegas Card Expert.

The small and intimate size of this class will give each student the opportunity for individual coaching.

Allan Ackerman is known throughout the world as one of the foremost expert teachers on the material in Expert at the Card Table. Allan’s skills are unmatched, and now, for the very first time, he can be your personal guide through the mysterious territory of this classic book of magic.

What you take away from this two-day seminar:

  • Learn card technique the correct way from the masters of card manipulation.
  • Break old habits and develop new, exciting practice and performance routines.
  • Witness the best in the world execute the world’s finest card magic and learn the secret of their techniques.
  • You will take home exclusive private videos, and lecture notes and techniques you can’t learn anywhere else.
  • Your personal notebook with many pages of exclusive information that you will use for years to come.
  • Never before published secrets and professional work ONLY given to Mystery School students that attend LIVE and in person.

Join Jeff McBride and the Las Vegas Card Expert- Allan Ackerman for this 2-day experience that will change your magic forever!

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