Holidays in Las Vegas

Magician Jeff McBrideGreetings from sunny Las Vegas!

Many of my best ideas started out as being completely ridiculous. Magical creations have come in flashes of inspiration — not grounded, not logical, some not even possible, but that didn’t stop me from trying. I did not know when we created Wonderground, what a hit it would be! The magic community here in Las Vegas and around the world really wanted and needed a home where they could share and celebrate their creativity.

We created it, and wow! What a ride it has been!

Now we are going into another year of shows! Many of you have seen the show in Vegas.  Others have seen the show for free, online at

Wonderground Celebrates 2 Years of Excellent Magic and Variety in Las Vegas

Here is an article from Las Vegas’ City Life Magazine talking about how Wonderground is one of the ultra-cool places to be in Las Vegas!

The McBride House of Mystery – Virtual Tour

If you want to look around the Mystery School, you can take a “Holiday Tour” here:

(Yes, this really is what our House of Mystery looks like, be sure to click around for hidden surprises!)

What Happens in Vegas…

Virtual KeysMuch of this month, I am home here in Las Vegas for the holidays with Abbi. If you need your stocking stuffed, I am here doing private sessions and some Skype sessions. Drop me an e-mail if you’d like to set up a time!

Did you read about “The Virtual Keys?” We’ve created a new way for you to get your own “Holiday Package” of my magic, available just for the next few weeks. This is a great new way to bring magic to you for the holidays.

Free Magic from the Mystery School

I have a new essay about First Impressions for you that is up on the Secret Art Journal. I will be interested in hearing your feedback when you read it!

We have almost completed a full year of our web tv show, Mystery School Monday at MCBRIDEMAGIC.TV — Yes, we have almost 50 hours of free magical teaching, insight and news waiting for you! Just go to to start watching at any time.

I’ll be on the road again in January, both here in the USA and in South America, so check the tour schedule and that will tell you where we can meet! I look forward to seeing you soon, either here in Las Vegas, or on the road!


P.S. Special thanks to Sue West for the use of his photos (first and last) in this Museletter.

From Tobias:

Thanks to all of you who have been clicking through to the catalog and buying. We’ve seen a significant up-tick in sales this past month. I suppose that’s partly due to the upcoming holidays (you did ask for magic for under the tree, didn’t you?)…but also because we have so many great products that have just become available. Chief among them are, of course, Jeff’s new Manipulation Coins and special Manipulation and Fanning Decks, and his great new DVD (and special gimmick) “Squeak Technique,” still available only through

I’m pleased to announce (finally) that I now have the “Get Your Career in Gear” class completely updated and re-formatted into 12 individual lessons, each with it’s own video introduction, and now again avialable through the shop. We’re making the first two lessons (a $59.95 value all together) available now as our gift to you. Get your free download by clicking the “Career Class” icon on the front page at If you like the first two lessons, tell your friends. I hope some of you will decide you want other lessons or the whole course…but if not, that’s fine, too. These two lessons are designed to stand on their own, and will give you a taste of the kind of in-depth work we regularly provide for students at the McBride Magic & Mystery School.

Happy Holidays!

Tobias Beckwith

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