January Museletter

One of my favorite quotes is from Higher Magic, by Oscar Teale, subtitled Magic for the Artist. It was written in 1912. This quote has given me courage when I have been accused of being “too flamboyant,” in speech, action, or costume.

“The feather that adorns the royal bird supports his flight. Strip him of his plumage and you fix him to the earth.”

Greetings All,

Recently, we’ve had a royal visitor at the McBride House of Mystery. No, we’re not just talking about Eugene being here for the past week. Lord Peacock arrived the other day, and we now have a peacock in our backyard! He just showed up, and is probably an escapee from one of the neighborhood mansions near the House of Mystery. He’s made a home in our backyard, roosting just above our waterfall.

Abbi opened the front door one day, and he was standing directly in front of her, so she gave him some birdseed. He has become a very friendly neighbor, and the unofficial mascot of the Magic and Mystery School.

Masters of Illusion: Mondays at 9pm, MyNetworkTV
Monday night, January 19th with the third of thirteen episodes, featuring Jeff McBride, Arian Black, Ed Alonzo, Kyle Eschen, Ai & Yuki, Mark Kalin & Jinger

On January 26th, Magic and Mystery School Alumni and Friends Chris Randall, Fielding West, Jonathan Levit, Kevin James, Krystyn Lambert will all be on the show. Be sure to catch it!


McBride Magic at the Edge is coming to Ithaca, NY! On Friday January 23, 2009 Abbi and I will be doing our full-evening show from 7:30 – 10:00 pm. Cost is $25.

On Saturday January 24, 2009 2-6pm, I will be offering a “Secret Session” workshop.

All the information is online at http://lightinwinter.com/.

If you are interested in signing up for the Secret Session, please contact Bruce Purdy (eg@cynmagic.com) and he’ll get you into this very special 4-hour Master Class.

MYSTERIUM LAS VEGAS: Jan 30 – Feb 1, 2009

…an in-gathering of old and new friends, in the darkest time of the year, a point in time where we can reflect, as individuals and a community, the light that shines within each and every one of us.

Featured events include:

  • Community Feast
  • CandleDance – Techno-Tribal Dance Party
  • Ritual Drum Ceremonies
  • Alchemical Ritual Theater
  • Indoor All Night Sacred Fire Circle

Please note, this event has been growing each year, and due to spatial limitations, we have to limit the number of registrants for the playshops and overnight ceremonies.

For more info and to register go to http://www.vegasvortex.com/


Jeff will be holding a special three day series of Secret Session workshops at the upcoming Blackpool Magic Convention in the UK. For more information on this event, contact Derek Lever (d.lever1@sky.com).

Jeff McBride & Eugene Burger
Sunrise at StoneHenge
Mystery School Workshop, 2006

Peru, England, Spain and many new dates appear on our World Tour Schedule. If you would like to see our show, take a look and see if we’re going to be near you.

We encourage you, dear friends, to show your royal colors, and take flight!! See you one day soon, and introduce you to our feathered friend!

Jeff McBride

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