Death & Beyond… Do the Spirits Return?

Greetings magical friends,
Here are two questions that have confounded humankind for millennia! 


My answer to BOTH questions is YES! and YES!
How do I know this? How is this even possible? 
The power of story is the power to keep memories and magic alive. 
Folk tradition says…

“That which is spoken can be written.
That which is written can be remembered.
That which is remembered never dies.”

Eugene Burger: The Master Storyteller
One of the greatest magicians & story tellers of our age was Eugene Burger. Eugene was famous for his spirit theater performances, and Eugene’s spirit lives on here at the House of Mystery. Here is a rare clip of Eugene talking about one of his favorite subjects.

Eugene Burger & “Eternal Silence”Video Credit: Michael Caplan, copyright Montrose Pictures 2020

Eugene was a master storyteller, and famous for his spectacular séance and spirit manifestations. Eugene shared his secret séance techniques with only a few of his closest friends. This November, his friends and students are gathering to create a tribute to his memory and magic… and if you are reading my Museletter, then you are invited to attend!


Raising Your Spirits in a Time of Darkness. An Online Conference Experience.

Dedicated to the Memory and Spirit Theater of Eugene Burger.

Many of the top minds in the world of Spirit Theater, Séance, and Bizarre Magick will gather in an online circle to share their stories and journey together, into a world of shadows and candle-lit mysteries… And when the candles are extinguished, these spirits will emerge enlightened, armed with messages of hope and courage for these challenging times.

Imagine yourself joining us for this 3-day adventure from darkness to light, as we explore the history and mystery of the performing arts of seance and bizarre magic, with some of world’s leading mystery entertainers.

  • Celebrate the spirit theater of Eugene Burger.
  • Explore the rich possibilities of “raising spirits” in dark times.
  • Focus on tricks, techniques, manifestations and Special FX for creating this kind of magic, light and dark

You will meet our top teachers and performers in these areas, including Ross Johnson, Dr. Larry Hass, Jeff McBride, and Terry Tyson, along with a number of special guests, including Sylvia Sceptre, Kevin Lepine, Paul Draper, John Ferrentino & more.

Go here:

One of the gifts that I received from Eugene was an understanding of the power of storytelling…

“Your LIFE: is filled with stories
Your STORY: Is what makes you unique
Your MAGIC: Can enhance and empower your stories”

Join me for “The STORYMASTER Series.”
I will teach you the essential secrets of enhancing YOUR personal stories with magic!
Experience the world’s greatest magicians, sharing their most meaningful stories!
Let me guide you through my video archives, personal stories, and exciting performance routines.
You will learn to illustrate and enhance your personal storytelling with magic.  
In this course, we will focus on three major aspects of the creative process.

1. TELLING YOUR STORY: The Heart of the Art of Magic 
Learn how to unlock your inner storyteller. We will focus on improvisation skills, scripting, and memorization techniques, and how to make a memorable story. Not all stories have words; however, every magic routine tells a story, and you will learn the secret key to help you unlock presentations for many of the magic effects you already own or perform. 

Since the dawn of time, magicians have used the power of symbol to evoke deep responses, and stir the imagination. I will unlock a treasure trove of rich magical stories, symbols, metaphors and more to enhance your magical performances. Drawing on my vast experience of multicultural studies, you will learn how to apply my time-tested techniques to enrich your understanding and performances. We will also explore “The Twenty Essential Effects” of magic.

Magic is an international language. In this class, we will focus on adding “your personal touch” to your performances. You will learn a few new tricks, and you will also learn the closely guarded trade secrets for engaging and connecting with your audiences, one on one, or in crowds. Whether you are a full time professional, or a magic enthusiast who performs only for a few friends or the grandkids, we are all called on to perform magic in social situations.  

Your STORYMASTER tuition includes these amazing take-aways:

  • 9 new and original magic effects, routines, and presentations you can add to your performances.
  • Video recordings of the entire 3 class series for you to watch on demand, or if you miss class.
  • Performances, lectures & personal Q & A time with Jeff.
  • The McBride master key video and pdf archive of all topics, routines, and discussions from all three classes.
  • Access to the exclusive mystery school online discussion group.
  • Certificate of participation.

Go here to get more information about â€œThe STORYMASTER Series.”

See you in our online classroom!

Yours in magic,
Abigail, Jeff…and “The Spirit of Eugene”

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