Chicago is on Fire…with Great Magic!

Yes! The magic is heating up at The Rhapsody Theater, with many new shows and the world premiere of McBride’s Magic & Mystery School Festival of Magic!

Three exciting shows, close up magic, lectures, workshops, and many magic parties await you. Get the inside information on our “VIP All Access Pass” here –

Collector’s Alert!
There are only a few copies left! If you’ve not yet ordered your Jeff McBride Portrait Mini-Print drawn by magical artist Jay Fortune, then act quickly, as Jay has only a handful left – and they won’t ever be reprinted! Get yours free (you only pay shipping and handling) or buy it for just a few dollars and support the Mystery School Scholarship Fund. Get your signed copy here:

Can You Imagine This?

Are you attending Magic Live? This August, the day before and the day after Magic Live, the Mystery School will open its doors for 20 lucky adventure seekers. This is your chance to step into the enchanting world of magic with Jeff McBride’s Magic & Mystery School Experience

Immerse yourself in a five-hour magical journey that will take you through the art and heart of magic, all while discovering the world’s premier magic learning experience.

IMAGINE yourself guided on a mysterious adventure, as your host Jeff McBride invites you to join him for an unforgettable experience at The Magic & Mystery School. Watch Jeff perform some of his new and classic magic pieces, and then embark on a guided tour of the magic school. You will visit our incredible magic library, and behold the thousand and one wonders of Jeff McBride’s extensive magic collection – a treasure trove he has gathered from his many years adventuring around the world!

You will also get to participate in lectures, hands-on workshops, and, of course, lots of magic! To keep you fueled throughout the day, snacks and drinks will be provided. This is a one-of-a-kind experience that may never happen again. This may be your last chance to make it a day at The Magic & Mystery School!
If You Can’t Get to Vegas
We open our virtual doors every Monday night at 7:00 Pacific time for Mystery School Monday! This is your opportunity to learn magic from us from the comfort of your own home. Join the fun and excitement and learn the insider secrets to our fascinating art. Just go to this link and join us –

See you in Vegas or online!
Jeff and all your friends at The Magic & Mystery School

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