Can You Unlock This Top-Secret Mystery?

Greetings Friends,
This month’s Muse letter is an Invitation to Mystery… a real live magical adventure. But there is a bit of work to do on your part!
Can you find the key to this TOP SECRET MYSTERY?
Here are some hints.

  • When was the last time you had a REAL magical experience?
  • When was the last time a magic routine moved you to tears of joy?
  • When was the last time you really screamed “YES!” with all-consuming power and opened to the heavens to receive your total bliss?

If you like your magic to connect to the heart and soul… then I have a new experience for you. There is a hint in the artwork below….
(I’m only going to share what I know if you email me personally  Just ask me for a key to the mystery)


MAGICFLIX.COM is a new online magic platform making quite a buzz. Rumor has it that this project will debut at the IBM. National Convention. This could be the biggest magic training site ever. 

Many of magic’s top performers are involved with the new project, and more are joining this project every week. You can get a sneak peek at what could very well become a leading force in the world of magic and entertainment here:

Lance Burton Teen Seminar at I.B.M. Convention

You can see THE NEW STARS OF MAGIC at the I.B.M. National Convention.

July 8-14 I will be at the I.B.M. Convention in Scottsdale, Arizona, helping Dr. Larry Hass & Lance Burton with the Teen Magic Seminar. Many of today’s top performers have attended our event, including Shin Lim, Bill Cook, Krystyn Lambert and other award-winning magicians.

Jeff, Tetro and Lance Burton will teach YOU magic at this year’s Lance Burton Teen Seminar. If you are a teen and are interested in attending, all the info is here:

The best part is that the Teen Seminar is FREE to all teens who register for the I.B.M. convention.

Student of The Month: Elliott Hunter –

See Elliot Hunter live at WONDERGROUND this month only!

Elliott was twelve years old when he first learned of Jeff McBride and the Magic and Mystery School through his viewing of L&L’s The Art of Card Manipulation series. He attended his first Master Class as soon as he was old enough. Once he got to college, Elliott became one of Jeff’s privately mentored students. From that time on, Elliott has become a regular performer at the Magic Castle, and he recently won the International Magic Master Summit Stage Competition.

Parents and students take note:

Elliott has built his business to the point that it helps cover the cost of his college expenses. He is currently an engineering student at Cal Poly (one of the nation’s top engineering schools), a competitive swimmer, competing on the national level, a triathlete, a volunteer swim coach, and a professional magician!

Giving back to the World:

For the last twelve years, Elliott has been refining his art to develop versatile, full evening productions to build his magic into a career. Elliott uses his talent to help numerous non-profit organizations raise tens of thousands of dollars! To find out more about Elliott, go to

Jeff McBride wears many hats – performer, teacher, producer, musician, alchemist, and master of ceremonies. One of his most magical & electrifying hats is one you will see at WONDERGROUND!

Thursday, June 20th, 2019

Doors open at 7pm

Pre-show Music with Capt. S. Rokk and Tarot by Eliza Snow

8pm Comedy magic & Variety show

Tim Wise – Host
Chris Herren – 1st Place Award for Parlor Magic – Philippines
The Magic of Lynetta & Joan – Something Tipsy
Daryl Rogers – Classic Magic with Style
Kalani Kokonuts – Queen of the Burlesque Scene!
Elliott Hunter – A Visual Vortex of Magic & Mystery
Steve Owens – International Award-winning Manipulation

9pm Close up, Strolling and Bar magic
Will Bradshaw – host
Joan DuKore -  Die-Namic Deceptions
Chris Herren – With Mysterious Stranger 
Steve Owens – Mastery in Motion 
Elliott Hunter – Sleight of Hand Sensations  
Daryl Rogers – Parlor magic classics 

Captain S. Rokk – The Pirate of Prestidigitation
Kent Axell – Mind Melting Mysteries
Joan Dukore – Die-Namic Deceptions

10pm Stage Magic Extravaganza
Jeff McBride – Host
Steve Owens – Shadow Magic
Chris Herren – With his Alter Ego Mask- “FAUST”
The Magic of Lynetta & Joan – Something Knotty!
Daryl Rogers – Silken Sorcery
Kalani Kokonuts – Living Legend of Burlesque
Elliott Hunter – The Competition Act

3 great shows, plus: Dance by The New World Rythmatism Dancers, Photography by Sheryl Garrett, Strolling Magic and Bar Magic by Scott Steelfyre, Magnus Mythos, Lights and sound by Maggie, Corey Rubino, Psychic Sideshow, Tarot Reading with Eliza Snow & many more surprises and special celebrity guests.

Late Breaking News

Magicians to Attempt Five Guinness World Records

On July 12, 2019 over 450 magicians will attempt five Guinness World Records while attending the International Brotherhood of Magician’s (I.B.M.) Magic Convention at the Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Jeff McBride is a master at the ancient magic effect named The Linking Rings. This year Jeff will join forces with magicians from around the world to attempt to break the current record for “Most Chinese Liking Rings Linked Together,” which is 534 rings. This record was set by 130 magicians at the Cleveland, Ohio I.B.M. convention in 2004. This and four other new records will be attempted at 3:00 pm on Friday, July 12, 2019.

The International Brotherhood of Magicians is the world’s largest organization dedicated to the art of magic with members in 88 countries. 450 magicians at the magic convention will attempt to set two records with the Chinese Linking Rings, two records with coins, and one record with playing cards.

Should the group succeed with the new record for Linking Rings, it will be McBride’s fourth successful attempt at setting a Guinness World Record.

Contact: for more information.


“The Enchantments of magic point beyond mere illusions to the great mystery of life… the eternal transformations of life, death and rebirth.”- Eugene Burger

This month, Eugene Burger would have been 80 years old. We celebrated his birthday and in doing so it reminded me of how short and sweet our lives can be. Every day is an opportunity to share your love for magic with others…. go forth and be awesome!

Blessings to all

Jeff and Abigail

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