Can Magic Save the Planet

Can Magic Save the Planet?
Yes! I feel that magic can help make our world a better place when there are people like Lance Burton and Cyril May helping the next generations. Every year Lance Burton holds an amazing conference. It is, and always has been, free of charge to teens around the world that want to connect with each other and learn magic – and perhaps even make the world a better, more magical place for living! You can help by spreading the word to your friends in the magic community about these extraordinary programs, where teens flourish, and people can learn about taking care of our environment.

Attend the I.B.M. Convention for Free!
The best deal in magic is so good that it is hard to believe. If you are one of the first forty I.B.M. members under the age of 18 to register to attend the annual convention in Pittsburgh this July, your registration is totally free! *Boom!*Mind Blown!* In addition to the insane fun that you will have hanging out with the best magicians on the planet, I.B.M. members between the ages of 13 and 19 can also sign up for the Lance Burton Teen Seminar for free as well! (Seriously! That is crazy!) 
Like last year, the seminar takes place two days before the convention, and for an hour each day during the convention. Please understand that you must apply to the Lance Burton Teen Seminar and be registered for the convention to attend the Seminar. The main faculty will be Lance Burton, Jeff McBride, and Dr. Larry Hass, with many other surprise guests. Remember this though – last year the convention sold out a few months before the opening day, so be sure to secure your spot early. For full information, please go to

A Call to Wands
CJ May is known as “Cyril the Sorcerer,” and he is a real wizard! Not only does he educate young audiences about environmental concerns such as energy water conservation and recycling, now he has created a competition to encourage magicians around the globe to put environmentally empowering messages into their magical performances. 

…And there came forth a “Call to Wands,” a summons to magicians far and wide, to create, record and submit environmentally-themed magic routines. For their magic, by its ability to capture the imagination and inspire The People, had the power to change the world.
Submit 3-5 minute videos of environmentally-themed magic routines by posting on Vimeo before midday on Sunday, October 1, 2023. First, second and third place winners will receive $500, $300 and $200 prizes respectively. Find out more at

Summer Tour News
Dive into a weekend of bewitching wonder at the New England WizardFest Magic Convention, where I will be performing with Cyril the Sorcerer on August 25-27 at the Boxboro Regency Hotel. Step into a world where illusion meets reality, and the ordinary becomes extraordinary – and prepare to be dazzled by the extraordinary! #NEWizardFest #MagicConvention

A Modern Classic of Magic
In the summer of 1983 I crafted the “Money Goblet,” and there was only one of them in the world. Now, 40 years later, Jeff Copland and I have created some more, and put them on the market a few months ago. The response was bigger than I could have imagined, and the Money Goblet sold out instantly! Jeff (from Copeland Coins) has just created a new batch, and right now we’re slammed with orders and are shipping as fast as we can. Don’t miss out on your chance to grab one of these while you can, because these might be the last! We have an extremely limited manufacturing run left to offer you before they sell out. Grab your brand new Money Goblet featuring Jeff McBride and the Disco Dollars! All details are at

Are You Attending Magic Live This Year?
If so, then visit us! We are hosting events the day before and the day after the Magic Live convention. Step into the enchanting world of magic with Jeff McBride’s Magic & Mystery School Experience! Immerse yourself in a five-hour magical journey that will take you through the art and heart of magic, all while discovering the world’s premier magic learning experience. 
IMAGINE yourself guided on a mysterious adventure as your host Jeff McBride invites you to join him for an unforgettable experience at The Magic & Mystery School. Watch Jeff perform some of his new and classic magic pieces, and then embark on a guided tour of the magic school. You’ll visit our incredible magic library, and behold the thousand and one wonders of Jeff McBride’s extensive magic collection, a treasure trove he has gathered from his many years adventuring around the world! Find more information about this exclusive opportunity here

A Note from Abigail McBride

I’m coordinating private classes here in Vegas. The private sessions are fun, and are a great investment in your magical future. They’re also a wonderful gift for the magician in your life! During a session, Jeff will help you to take your magic to the next level of excellence by suggesting magic routines and effects that suit your style of presentation. Jeff will share his 50+ years of performing and touring experience with you, and teach you the inner secrets that are not found in books or other media. Jeff will also suggest reading materials, DVDs, and other learning materials that will help you grow in the art of magic. Find out more at

Will we see you in our online magic classroom Monday nights? Or here at one of our live in-person events in Vegas?

Either way, we hope to see you soon!

Jeff & Abigail

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