Best Photo Ever?

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This might be the BEST PHOTO EVER! It photo captures a moment in time that is priceless!

Who is the best magician in the USA?
For many TV viewers and the judges of AGT, it has to be Mat Franco.

Mat Franco Won America’s Got Talent…. He beat out the competition and now has his full evening show on the Las Vegas strip. But did you know that years before, he was a student of mine? Read what he has to say…it made me blush!

Mat Franco Says

“If not for Jeff McBride, there would be no Mat Franco! This guy was my biggest, and one of my earliest inspirations in performance/magic! I was beside myself to meet him in person all those years ago. He is deserving of the wide array of awards and accolades he’s received in the world of performance and magic. He inspires so many magicians across the globe, and the magic community is a better place because of him. Thanks Jeff for all that you do for our art!!” — with Jeff McBride.

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This also happened…

Las Vegas magic star Jeff McBride awarded highest honor by London’s Magic Circle

September 3, 2018 Las Vegas, NV – Last night, at their headquarters in London, The Magic Circle presented Jeff McBride with The David Devant Award. Among the highest awards bestowed in the world of magic and illusion, the Devant award is given to those who have made a significant contribution in advancing the art of magic, or who have given outstanding service to magic internationally. The trophy is a miniature bust of David Devant, the first President of The Magic Circle. The original life size bronze is on permanent display in the Magic Circle Headquarters.

A 10-year headliner at his popular McBride’s Wonderground, in Las Vegas, Jeff McBride has long been known as a foremost innovator in the world of magic, being among the first to incorporate masks and pantomime with world-class sleight-of-hand skills. His early career saw him as opening act for such superstars as Diana Ross & Tom Jones. Later, his full-evening shows won rave reviews off-Broadway, in Atlantic City and Las Vegas. He is founder of the McBride Magic & Mystery School in Las Vegas, McBride’s Wonderground (magic nightclub), and can be seen regularly on such popular television shows as Masters of Illusion and Penn & Teller’s Fool Us.

He is author of the book The Show Doctor and host of the Monday Night Mystery School webcast, currently with over 350 episodes archived.

Earlier this summer, McBride was presented with one of the magic world’s other highest honors, the International Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques’ (FISM) Theory & Philosophy Award.

The Magic Circle, located in London, is the premier magical society in the fascinating world of magic and illusion. They have an international membership of around 1500, all dedicated to promoting and advancing the art of magic, an entertainment as popular today as when the famous club was formed in 1905.

Recipients of the David Devant Award include:
2018 – Jeff McBride
2017 – Silvan
2016 – Lance Burton
2015 – Johnny Thompson
2014 – David Copperfield
2013 – Luis De Matos
2012 – Jim Steinmeyer
2011 – David Berglas
2009 – Ali Bongo
2008 – Siegfried & Roy
2007 – Paul Daniels
2006 – John Fisher
2005 – John Calvert
2004 – Marvin Roy
2003 – Mark Wilson and Nani
2002 – Dr. Eddie Dawes
2001 – John Gaughan
2000 – Channing Pollock
1999 – Jay Marshall

Student of the Month: Michael Tetro

Los Angeles based magician Michael Tetro has devoted over 10 years to the art of magic and illusion. He honed his skills while studying under Magic Teacher of the Century: Jeff McBride, and has attended the prestigious Magic and Mystery School in Las Vegas. Specializing in highly visual sleight-of-hand magic, Tetro creates engaging and memorable performances.

He tours locally and internationally as a solo artist and with performance groups. He’s performed for America’s Got Talent, Facebook Corporate, Universal Studios, and more. Tetro is a magician member of The Magic Castle in Hollywood, a member of the Society of American Magicians, and a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

September 20th

8:00 Comedy Variety show
Tim Wise – Your Host and MC
Sir Patrick – Magic that “takes off!”
Joan DuKore – Lady of Enchantment
Chris Britt – Magic and Mentors?
Jason Bird – Alchemagical Miracles

9:OO MAGIC Close -up, Strolling and Parlor
Will Bradshaw – Your Host and MC
Kevin Hall – The Madman of Magic
Joan Dukore – The Woman of Many Mysteries
Chris Britt  – Storytelling Magic
Jason Bird – Alchemical Enchantments

Brian Apollo – The Modern Mystic
Scott Steelfyre – Very Nice-Dice!
Kent Axell – Mindbending Mystery

Tim Wise – Your host and MC
Sonny Fonatana – The Invisible Man
Sir Patrick – The Romance Act
Joan DuKore – Feminine Mystique
Nathan Phan – The New Las Vegas Legend!
Jason Bird – Illuminating Illusions

All of the Above PLUS:

Photography by Sheryl Garrett. Bar Magic with Kent Axell, Brian Apollo, Scott Steelfyre & Maggie, Corey Rubino, Taylor Lloyd, New World Rythmatism Belly Dancers, Psychic Sideshow with Morganne– and many more surprises and special celebrity guests

See you on the road or here in Vegas!

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