Are You Serious?

Greetings friends and family!

I hope we are good enough friends that I can ask you some serious questions. We might learn something about each other.

Are you “teachable?”

I am not a know-it-all. I feel it is important to “remain teachable.”

I learn from my students all the time. Charles Stonewick is a fine magician and a friend. He recently turned me on to a big idea that I feel is very important for all of us to consider.  Are you daring enough to take a risk and give more of yourself to your friends, family and audiences?

WARNING!  There will be a Quiz

Now, you can find out what kind of communicator you are by taking the short quiz below from the book Breaking The Chain of Low Self-Esteem, by Marilyn Sorenson, PhD.

What level communicator are you?

According to behavioral psychologists there are 5 levels of communication.

Level 1: Surface Level. “Nice weather today,” or “How’s it goin’ eh?

Level 2: Information Level. “Had a flat tire yesterday,” or “Sold the cat for medical experiments” etc.

Level 3: Thinking Level. Sharing opinions and ideas, “Hillary is a naughty lady,” or “Trump is a hot mess,” etc.

Level 4: Feeling Level–Self-revelatory. “I am a terrible procrastinator,” or “I am afraid of clowns,” or “I like monkeys,” etc.

Level 5: Intimacy Level. This is where we share our most painful and embarrassing moments, our deepest desires, our heaviest concerns and rewarding victories. We do this without fear of reprisal or judgment.

Stonewick continues:

“Think of the greatest magical performers you know: Penn & Teller, Eugene Burger, Jeff McBride, Lawrence Hass, David Copperfield, Rene Levand, Wayne Dobson, the list goes on and on. Do you see how they present their performances at Level 5? These people make it a point to be vulnerable and to share intimacy with their audiences- not pretend intimacy, but the real deal. Anything less would be as empty as a politician’s promise.”

Do you have to be serious?

This does not mean we have to be so serious. On the contrary, our funniest stories are usually about our greatest embarrassments or about our scariest fears becoming real.

A delicate balance is required though. Just pouring ourselves into the laps of the audience for its own sake would be clumsy, hack-like and gratuitous. That being said, it seems a good policy to treat the audience like an intimate friend and confidante. As we gently invite them into our house (Juan Tamariz) we are making ourselves vulnerable and offering love and trust. If they accept our offer, they receive our magic as a wonderful gift, and feel as though they have spent time with a close friend, maybe even an artist.

You can find Stonewick on FaceBook

Are you vulnerable?

Marjorie Hass gave a PEP-Talk online to our Mystery School about “MAGIC & VULNERABILITY.” Marjorie’s talk is inspired and will open a world of emotion and magic for you! Find it here:

‘If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.’

– Tony Robbins

This is true not only in our business life, but in our everyday communications with friends and family. I am always learning, growing and developing new skills.

Want to make the BIG LEAP? Take the quiz below


A: Magicians & Illusionists

B: Professional Keynote Speakers

If your answer is “A” …you are mistaken. Here’s the real answer.

Thousands of businesses worldwide engage professional motivational and keynote speakers for their events, meetings and conferences every day! Why? What do those corporations want? More than your clever tricks… they want content–meaningful content that can be applied to their business practices. 
They want TED-talks–meaningful, content-rich talks, that are informative, educational & fun!

Magic with a Message!

The magician who can frame and market his or her shows as “Magic with a Message,” can get more work in these markets than any other variety act. 
But remember, what corporations want is high quality content!
How can you learn the secrets of becoming a successful speaker with magic? 

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