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“One way can be learned by starting to see the magic in everything. Sometimes it seems to be hiding but it is always there. The more we can see the magic in one thing, a tiny flower, a mango, someone we love, then the more we are able to see the magic in everything and in everyone. Where does the mango stop and the sky begin?”
~~Joshua Kadison

Greetings Friends!

Abbi here, writing in to share the latest updates and news from the McBride Magic team!

McBride and Burger Headline in Las Vegas
Muhlenberg College’s successful program, “The Theory and Art of Magic,” is being brought to Las Vegas, March 5 – 8, 2007, for alumni and other interested people like you! This program explores the deeper meanings, philosophy and psychology of magic on a post-graduate level. Larry Hass, the creator and director of this stimulating program has engaged Jeff and Eugene, Teller, Lance Burton and Mac King for this four day, in depth look at the multifaceted art of wonder-making. For more information, please go to: The Theory and Art of Magic

Attention Canadians!
A special shout out to our friends in Edmunton, Alberta, Canada… Eugene, Jeff and I will be coming your way to see our friend Sheldon Casavant for a public show and Master Class. All the information for reservations and tickets is online at

World Magic Summit News
We had an incredible time at the World Magic Summit here in Las Vegas this past week. Eugene and Jeff, Bill and Becki Wells, along with Jordan Wright and Scott Hitchcock, spent three days leading forty-four teenage magicians from the United States, South Africa, the Czech republic, Germany, France, Canada, Italy, and Japan in the Lance Burton Teen Magic Seminar.

The best part of our time with the teens was on Sunday afternoon, when we got to go to Lance Burton’s castle, and see his amazing new fifteen thousand square foot mountain-top home! He hosted the entire teen group for an afternoon pizza party. Lance invited his superstar Las Vegas friends Johnny Thompson, Fielding West, Mac King, Criss Angel, Nathan Burton, and Gary Darwin to join the fun. They spent the afternoon answering questions and signing autographs, and most importantly, giving encouragement, advice and heartfelt wisdom to the next generation of magic.

During the WMS, we had one of the convention rooms set up as an Open House for the McBride Magic and Mystery School. Many of our friends and students came in to jam, ask questions and say hello. We thoroughly enjoyed getting to spend time with so many of you! It was especially great to see our friend Pilou, who won the SARMOTI award, one of the highest honors in magic! Pilou, the reigning grand prix winner of the world championships of magic, said “Jeff McBride is my teacher, and I owe much of my success to him. I learned from watching his DVDs.”

Special thanks to Max Maven, Just Wilbur, Banacheck, Lee Earle, and many of the Magic and Mystery School alumni for sharing your talents and time with us!

McBride Magic School Student Spotlight: Shayna Reed
Congratulations to Shayna Reed, alumnus of the Magic and Mystery School, and winner of the Teen Competition! Her show was an excellent combination of doves, dancing cane, a splendid card manipulation routine, and a surprising production of her sister Mandy as the statue of liberty at the end! We were really impressed with Shayna’s presence and confidence in the interview after her performance. Her commitment to the art of magic and the many hours of practice she’s put in really came through!! Our prediction is that the Reed Sisters Magic Show (Jessica, Shayna and Mandy) will be headlining in theaters across the country one day soon!

Surprising Awards and Accolades
At the World Magic Seminar, all of the awards are not decided by a small panel of judges, but rather, by the entire convention audience, in a voting ballot. Receiving second place in the WMS Teen Competition was Sterling Dietz, and third place was won by Krystyn Lambert. What do all three have in common? They’re all alumni of the McBride Magic and Mystery School, and we will be featuring spotlights on them in future Museletters.

At the finale gala awards ceremony Jeff and Eugene were called to the stage with Lance Burton. All three were presented with awards acknowledging their many years of creating progressive, magical experiences. Bill Wells was quoted saying, “Jeff and Eugene are the best magic teachers and facilitators in the world.” It was a high honor for our school to be acknowledged in front of a gathering of the luminaries of magic, including the show’s hosts, Siegfried and Roy.

So, as you can see, we’ve been thoroughly engaged in creating magic, not only for ourselves, but assisting and empowering the magical visions of others. If you, friend, need to re-charge your magical batteries, consider visiting us out here in sunny, warm Las Vegas for a rejuvenating and life-enriching magical experience.

Yours in the art of magic,

Abbi McBride

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