A New Year

Greetings my friends

“Don’t part with your illusions. When they are gone, you may still exist, but you have ceased to live.”

— Mark Twain

Jordan Wright, Jeff McBride and Alan Wong in Hong Kong

Greetings my friends,

I am just back from Hong Kong, where I had the great pleasure of sharing time with Master Magician Albert Tam. Our Mystery School presented Mr. Tam with a certificate of recognition for his accomplishments in magic, and the launch of his new Albert Tam Magic Dojo. Many of the Hong Kong magicians said they will tune in on January 17th for our new internet TV show. Read all about it just below the banner:


My internet ‘Livestream TV’ has lots of fun videos for you to watch, and we will also broadcast live on January 17th, starting at 7pm pacific time, sponsored by Murphy’s Magic Community. We hope you will join us for an evening of magical inspiration and wisdom from the faculty of the Magic and Mystery School.


We encourage you to prepare a question or two for us to answer. You will have the opportunity to log in and talk with us via a chat feature on the website. The best part is that it’s all free, complements of your friends here at the Magic and Mystery School and Murphy’s Magic! http://www.mcbridemagic.tv


We’ve just listed new classes for 2011. There are only fifteen spaces open in each class, so if you want to study with us this year, the time to register is now! There is still time to register for the Master Class that runs from January 28-30th. With the CES conventioneers gone, Vegas prices are at their lowest ever right now.



Wow! It’s hard to believe that it’s been over one year of performances for WONDERGROUND at its new home, The Olive. You can join us at the most happening magic party in Las Vegas, on Thursday, January 20th, starting at 8pm sharp. This will be an all-new show, with many special guests. Read the details at www.vegaswonderground.com.

And remember, you can also watch from home at http://www.streetofcards.tv


Jan 14, 15 http://tinyurl.com/mcb-seattle

One of the great pleasures of teaching magic is to forge lasting relationships with students who become very good friends. I have the pleasure of traveling the world and being hosted in interesting cities by dear friends.

This month, my friend Fredrick Turner will host my “MCB-EXPO” in Seattle. Fredrick performs “Magic Before Your Eyes.” With his unique blend of magic, Yoga, and humor, he evokes feelings of wonder and connection with his audiences. He has been performing magic for over thirty years.

Fredrick produces and performs at Seattle’s longest running magic showcase, Magic Monday. He uses his magical talents to design and deliver learning experiences across the US and Canada.  He is the co-author of the recently published, One Jinxed Year.

A lifetime student himself, he frequently presents, performs and studies right here at Magic and Mystery School in Las Vegas. He received training in mime at Le Centre du Silence and has performed extensively in theatre and stand-up comedy. These wide and varied experiences have enabled Fredrick to continually grow in his appreciation and understanding of the Art of Magic.


Join Eugene Burger and me for the must-see event of the year! Look at this amazing line-up!


Juan Tamariz will headline the WMS this year, and is not to be missed. Lance Burton will host the Teen Magic Seminar, which is featured in the new movie Make Believe. For details about the Teen Magic Seminar, go to:


Mini-Mystery… I really do not understand why this magic effect is so popular. Do you?

Looking back over the last year, I noticed that the most popular item in my magic catalogue was the “ Ritual of Liberation.” Look what people have to say:

Ritual of Liberation

See you on the road, or at a show here in Las Vegas!


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