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Dear Friends:

Last month, I shared my thoughts on goal setting. Now, we move on to the next step: realizing those goals. Our resident wizard and manager, Tobias Beckwith, recently shared this inspired quote about focus.

Tobias Focus

Meet Leo Babauta. He is a writer and modern day Merlin; a real wizard at synthesizing ideas. Today we learn from him “HOW TO FOCUS.”

  • Read about your goal as much as possible, on websites, blogs, books & magazines.
  • Post reminders on your wall, refrigerator, and computer desktop.
  • Send yourself reminders using an online calendar or reminder service.
  • Tell as many people as possible about it, and post your progress on your blog.
  • Have a time each day to work on the goal, with a reminder in your schedule each day.
  • Maintain your focus on your goal, and you’ve won half the battle in achieving it. Read Leo’s full essay here:  http://zenhabits.net/the-magical-power-of-focus/

Good People Quote

One of the keys to success and happiness is sharing time with “the right people.” Positive influences and great teachers are two of the main ingredients to a successful career. My core team is Tobias, Eugene, Larry, and Abigail. There are a few other teachers and friends who have also changed my life for the better!  You can meet our extended team here:


In fact, you can meet all of us when you visit. It is our joy to share our wisdom and experience with you! We have a few new ideas for you. Here is one we are working on this spring:


“Take the leap from the minor league to the Major League!”

Enjoy three exciting NEW Classes- 3 Unique, 2 Day Classes

May 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 2016

Las Vegas, Nevada

1. Cards: Close-up, Parlor & Stage

2. The Classics of Parlor Magic

3. Grand Illusions & Portable Illusions


Imagine yourself receiving hands-on, personal instruction by some of the top experts in the world of magic.

Day with a great teacher quote

Drop us an email when you visit Las Vegas. Stop in for a Private session. Did you know that we that we now offer daily, weekly, private and small group sessions?

For more information, please contact Abigail at (702) 450-0021 or Abigail@McBrideMagic.com

Jeff Teaching Class

World Tour News

Our friend, Jay Fortune, is arranging a great 2-day FOCUS CLASS near London. Join us in Hertfordshire, UK

Larry Hertfordshire Video

Mario Morris and Veronica will produce our ONLY 3-DAY MASTER CLASS in Glastonbury, UK. Join Eugene Burger & Jeff McBride for a life-changing event!



February 18th is our next WONDERGROUND. Doors will open at 7:30pm at The Olive, located at 3850 East Sunset Rd., Las Vegas, NV. There is a $20 admission. ONLY $10 for locals. The best deal in Vegas!

The Early Stage show begins at 8:00 pm. The Close Up show starts at 9:00 pm. The Late Stage show begins promptly at 10:00 pm. Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to ensure seating for the  shows. 

Jeff Abbi Romany

Here are the fabulous artists and performers you can expect to see at this month’s WONDERGROUND!


8PM       Will Bradshaw MC

Iam Creed – Radioactive magic

Jac Hayden – “Jac the Grate”

Tim Shegitz – A Slicker Trickster

Adam Flowers – The Master of Mischief

Jason Bird and Melanie – A Magical Story

9PM       Christian Diamond MC

Tim Shegitz – Conuring with comedy & style

Scott Steelfyre – The Enigmatist

MonDre – His hands are quicker than your eye

10PM    Tim Wise MC

Les Contortionettes – TWO of a kind..but really ONE of a kind!

Sonny Fontana – Our friend is back in action, come support his return!

Adam Flowers – Mischief with mystery

Randilyn – Queen of Escape

MonDre – Las Vegas Magic Star

PLUS: Bar Magic with Zack Pattee and Scott Steelfyre, Iam Creed, and Randilyn. Photography with Sheryl Garrett. The NWR-Tribal Belly Dance Troupe, Psychic Sideshow with Alan Scott, live art with Areeya and Suzanne and many more surprises and special celebrity guests!!

Magically yours,

Jeff McBride

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