Witches and Wizards… Oh My!

Hello Magical Friends!

Jeff and I have been enjoying being at home these past few weeks. I’ve heard it said that things speed up as they fall down. This Fall, as Visionaries in presenting Fall Fest, a special weekend of magic, music, movement, and mystery…. Exciting events included our sixth annual BoneDance, a dusk til dawn Alchemical Fire Circle, one hour away from the city lights of Las Vegas, under the vast desert starlit skies, and the Witches and Wizard’s Costume Ball. To see more photos, click here and look in the photo gallery.

We immediately went into our Magic for Medical Professionals conference here at McBride’s House of Mystery. Fifteen doctors and medical professionals from many fields joined Jeff, Eugene and Dr. Lee Grotte, for a weekend exploring the connections between magic, medicine and healing.

While the conference was going on, we were joined by Daniel Zuckerbrot and his team. They were here for a week, making a documentary about Jeff and McBride’s Magic and Mystery School for a new television series called ENIGMA. It was a challenging and creative week. Jeff and I were filming all day, in addition to hosting the seminar, and Jeff was performing on the Las Vegas strip at night. This unique television event will chronicle the many diverse aspects that fill our lives, like drumming, dancing, teaching, performing as well as an inside look at our life at home.

This past weekend, Eugene and Jeff (and the crew) were engaged in a Master Class, and Jeff was also performing at the World’s Greatest Magic show. The show is playing at the Greek Isles Casino, and has been running for two years. It has more high quality, “A List” magicians than any other show in Las Vegas’ history. Jeff and Eugene hosted the Master Class students at the WGM show. The students were treated to meeting the stars of the show, and a special “after-party” was held on the Las Vegas strip, where Abbi and Jeff filmed special “street magic” segments for the upcoming ENIGMA project. Next Spring, when his tour schedule permits, Jeff will be returning to the WGM show. You can always check our World Tour Schedule to see where we’ll be.

Coming up next, we’ll be at the Magic Castle in West Hollywood, CA for the week of November 20-27th. Then, we’re heading out to sea with Holland America, to perform on board, en route to Oahu, Hawaii, and then on to Taiwan, Spain, and Mexico. We’ll have more stories to share soon….

Until then, as Fall turns toward Winter, may magic keep you warm!

Abbi & Jeff

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