Wisdom of the Master

Kung Fu, the TV series, was all the rage when I was in middle school. Watching that show, I imagined myself studying under the direction of a great master. Little did I know that years later I would actually meet my own Zen master, Eugene Burger, and then create a mystery school!

Seems like the show Kung Fu is playing out in my real everyday life!

We all need someone to help us along the path, who can call us on our procrastination or give us a wake-up call! Good friends and mentors can do that!

Photo Credit: Richard Faverty

Poetry Corner:

Two Mystery School Haikus by D.R.

Arcana and lore
Secrets in a hidden room
Find the sliding door


Seekers of knowledge
Magic and mystery school
A goal for many.

Now you have the opportunity to study many of Eugene’s most prized and private performance pieces in the new book, Eugene Burger: From Beyond. In 2010, Eugene asked Dr. Larry Hass to write and oversee two books that would include all of his unpublished material (routines, essays, talks, interviews, and scripts). Working closely with Eugene right up to his death, Eugene Burger: From Beyond is the first of these books, and it includes all of Eugene’s unpublished parlor magic, stage magic, and spirit theater. The book is now available for purchase from Larry at: https://www.TheoryandArtofMagic.com.

Secret Shows

One of the best kept secrets in Vegas is that there are numerous private party shows that the public and magic community never hear about. (OK, on Facebook there were a few mentions.)

Last week I had the pleasure of being on a special show that was the creation of my visionary friend Stephane Vanel.

On the show Stephane performed with Lance Burton, Shin Lim, Amazing Jonathan, Rocco, Will Bradshaw, Kent Axell, and me! The event was hosted by WONDERGROUND’S Tim Wise. Now there’s a cast!

QUIZ: “Can you name all the performers in this photo?”

I love performing at private events, so if you want to have me at your events in 2020, please contact my friend and manager Tobias Beckwith: tobias@yourmagic.com

McBride’s Magic & Mystery School All-Star Show at Mindvention–This conference is one of the world’s largest gatherings of mind readers and mystery entertainers. Our school rocked the house this night! Thanks to everyone for such a great opening night show. Here’s the cast list:

Lawrence Hass, Jeff McBride, Kabir Khan, Victor Castañeda, Gene Franklin Smith, and Ross Johnson.

If you are planning to attend the
I’ll be hosting two very special classes just before and after the convention:

Did you love magic as a child and are just getting back into magic? Many of the world’s top magicians started late in life. The important thing is to get you started and learning in the best way! 

The BEST way to learn magic = Live Personal Instruction
The BEST place to learn magic = Las Vegas Magic Capital of the World  

Imagine yourself receiving hands-on personal instruction from some of the top experts in the world of magic…now you can. Join us for a few days of magic, fun and wonder!

Start your magic year off the correct way — Learn from the best teachers in the world. Our small group method gives you hands-on instruction and practical information.

Jeff McBride is one of the world’s most experienced magic teachers. Jeff has helped start the careers of thousands of magicians around the world. He can help you learn the tricks and techniques that you will use for a lifetime!

  • Learn how simple and invisible props can make you look like a master.
  • Learn the effective way to practice, rehearse and perform. 
  • Learn the right way to perform sleight of hand magic at your skill level.
  • Learn what to do if something “goes wrong” and how to cover it.
  • Learn how to connect and make people smile with your magic.
  • You will also learn “The BIG 10” techniques of magic and illusion. 
  1. Vanish
  2. Appearance    
  3. Levitation/Animation     
  4. Multiplication
  5. Indestructibility/Restoration
  6. Sympathetic Reaction
  7. Transposition
  8. Transformation
  9. Memory & Rapid Calculation
  10. Mind Reading/Mind Control

Join our class here: 


You are invited to the biggest magic party in Las Vegas!
3 great DIFFERENT shows…
ONE night only! Never to be repeated!

November 21st, 2019

8pm     Comedy Magic Show
     Tim Wise is your host
     Michael Mirth – Cryptic Conjurations
     Louie Foxx – MagiComedy
     Professor Phelyx – Enchanting Mind Reading
     Derek Selinger – From P&T’s FOOL US
     Ryan Brown – Mysterious Manipulations

9pm     Close Up, Parlor & Strolling Magic
     Will Bradshaw is your host
     Michael Mirth Opens his Cabinet of Wonders
     Louie Foxx – Funtastic Magi-Comedy
     Derek Selinger – Canada’s Famous Mystery Man
     Civi Civiac – Continental Conjurations
     Professor Phelyx – Enchanting Encounters
     Zack Patee at the WONDERBAR

10pm   Variety Stage Extravaganza!
     Ryan Brown – Rising Star of magic
     Louie Foxx – Comedic Deceptions
     Civi Civiac – Continental Conjurations
     Niels Duinker – Gravity Defying Skills
     Derek Selinger – Magic from the Shadows

All the Above Plus:

Photography by Sheryl Garrett. Bar Magic with Scott Steelfyre & Maggie, Corey Rubino, New World Rhythmatism Belly Dancers, Psychic Sideshow with Eliza – and many more surprises and special celebrity guests.

Abigail and I are looking forward to hosting you at the McBride House of Mystery, so when you visit Las Vegas, know that you can always come over for a class or event. There is always something new and amazing happening here! Just drop us an email at Jeff@mcbridemagic.com.

Be inspired!

Jeff and Abigail

P.S. Just one more haiku by D.R.

Behind the white beard
Wisdom, humor, and knowledge
A naughty Santa.

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