The Real Hogwarts

Photo Credit: Sheryl A. Garrett
Augmentation by: Animated Conjuror

For thousands of years, magical secrets have been handed down from master to student… Now you can become part of that tradition.

“The real secrets of magic are passed from master to student… in whispers.”

                     – Eugene Burger

Photo Credit: Sheryl A. Garrett

“It’s like a day at the real Hogwarts”We have a new video trailer that shows our team hosting 30 corporate executives at our Magic & Mystery School. During our 3-hour custom-made event, participants experienced:

  • An immersive theatrical magic stage show with our faculty and special guests;
  • A guided tour of the Mystery School Museum and Curiosity shop;
  • A world-class close-up magic show;
  • 5 magic lessons with everyday objects teaching how to control people’s attention and solve impossible challenges — and a “Bag of Tricks” that included teaching DVDs, props, and even a real magic wand that can do magic.

The participants raved about this unique experience… take a look.

“The BEST event we have ever attended in Las Vegas!”

Call Abigail to book your next event at our venue. 702-450-0021

Q: What do the following magicians have in common?

Mac King, Teller, David Copperfield, Mike Hammer, Mat Franco, Xavier Mortimer, Greg Gleason, Criss Angel,  Tommy Wind, Chris Randall

A: They all have unique shows in Las Vegas and every one of them has given back to magic by sharing their wisdom at the Magic & Mystery School with our students! Thank you to all our superstar guests for sharing your secrets of success with our students.

Guess who visited Mystery School?

You will never believe who shows up at the end of this video below!

Become a Master of Attention

Magicians are masters at attracting, holding, directing and mis-directing attention… their livelihood depends on it!

“Street Performers use powerful tools for grabbing attention and holding it.
You can use these skills in your indoor shows, presentations and business talks!”

Register now:

My favorite street magic routine

“BRAVO!” is what the audiences say every time I perform this routine!

After years of study, I created what I feel is my best version of the “Cup and Ball” illusion. I’ve studied the masterworks of Rezvani, Benson, Vernon and Garcia… and have put everything I have learned into this exciting routine.

Would you like to take advantage of all the work I’ve done on this piece for yourself? You can find BRAVO HERE:
WONDERGROUND – Super Magic Party
Now going into our 10th year!February 15, 2018
8pm    Tim Wise is your MC
Dave Johnson – Comedy Magic
Buster Balloon – Twisted Illusions
Will Bradshaw – From Hollywood to Vegas!
Jeff McBride – Sparks In the Dark!
R. J. Cantu – Magician to the Stars!9pm    Will Bradshaw is your MC
Jeff McBride
Tim Wise
Jeff Lockett
Dave Johnson10pm   Jeff McBride – Voodoo People
Tony Molesworth – Musical Comedy
Buster Balloon - Master Blaster!
MonDre – Modern Master of Mystery
Rudy Coby – The Coolest Magician on Earth
R. J Cantu – Master of Laser Illusions
(under contract so we can’t advertise!)PLUS: Photography by Sheryl Garrett. Bar Magic with Zack Pattee, Scott Steelfyre, Corey Rubino, Taylor Lloyd, New World Rythmatism Belly Dancers, Psychic Sideshow with Alan Scott, live art with Areeya – and many more surprises and special celebrity guests

One final thought… The following quote inspires me to practice my magic every day…what is your daily practice? What habits are you cultivating this season?

Abigail and I send you our love.
We hope see you at the Mystery School here in Las Vegas or – on any night — just tune into We are always here to inspire you!Jeff & Abigail

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