The Life-Changing Power of First Impressions

First impressions are so powerful!
First impressions can change a person’s life. Each one of the following experiences was shocking – but each shock led to a realization, and to a life-changing transformation.
The first mask
When my father put on the werewolf mask, he scared the heck out of me. I was shocked to see my normal dad change into a super-scary monster, right before my eyes. I will always remember that moment—it made a lifelong impact on me. That was that day I knew that a mask had the power to transform a person’s life, and it changed mine…forever.
Lesson #1: Masks have the power to transform our audiences and ourselves.

The first mime I ever saw was Marcel Marceau, and I could not believe what I was seeing. Here was a man on stage with absolutely nothing—no props, no scenery, no music, and no sound—just the absolute mastery of his body and face. Marcel Marceau is regarded as one of the greatest pantomime performers of all time. He is the most famous mime the world has ever known. His amazing performance filled the entire stage and theater, and moved the audience to tears. At the finale, the audience leapt to its feet for a 10-minute standing ovation. I had never experienced anything like it in my life. 
Lesson #2: You do not need a stage full of props to make powerful theater. 

The first street magician I ever watched was Jeff Sheridan. He was a mysterious stranger in black, plucking cards from the air—from his empty hands. The crowd was magnetized by his movements and expressions. He did not speak. There was no music, just pure theater, and the powerful presence of a true master of his art. Jeff Sheridan is known as the “Father of Modern Street Magic,” and as one of the great card manipulators of all time. I had the good fortune to study magic with him for many years, and he is still one of my most influential teachers.
Lesson #3: Performing in complete silence adds power and mystery to our magic.

The lasting impressions made by these first experiences with a mask, a mime, and a silent magician helped to define my style in my early years as a performing artist. It was the combination of three powerful theatrical forces that led me to develop my own style in the world.

MASK + MIME + MAGIC = A Formula for International Success.

What is the impression you want to make with your performance? Do you want to learn new ideas, skills, and techniques to enhance your magic? Do you want to learn how to work with silence or music? Musical and magical performances can transport people beyond words to a place of incomprehensible beauty and wonder. One of the great advantages to working silently, or to a musical soundtrack is that you stand out from the crowd, and you have international appeal. Magic is a language that transcends all cultural and language barriers. I can teach you what I have found valuable, so that you, too, can experience this powerful kind of magic.

Now, for the first time ever, I am holding an online class to teach you the secrets of my magic, and how to use the skills of mime and mask to create your own unique style of magical performance. As always, all classes are recorded, and are available to registered students for a full year after the class ends. So, even if you can’t be there when the class is happening, you can still have access to all the material. Click here to open the door to a new way of performing magic:
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Magic Quiz time!
What do Penn & Teller, David Blaine, Harry Anderson and Amazing Jonathan all have in common? They all began their careers with street magic. In fact, many of the world’s most famous magicians began as street performers, and the skills they learned helped them in their careers. Now, it’s your turn to learn the secrets of the masters.

Join us for a three-day journey into the heart and art of street magic.

Who is this class for?

  • Magicians interested in learning how to perform more powerful magic.
  • Anyone interested in the performance, business, art, and history of street magic.
  • Performers who want to learn how to capture attention, and control an audience.
  • Performers who want to make more money with their magic, or travel the world with their show.
  • Magicians who want to learn the techniques to work the streets, and how to apply them to other venues.    

These classes will teach you to:

  • Learn new street-tested magic routines that will delight your audiences.
  • Gain confidence and learn how to control your audience.
  • Develop your character and showmanship skills.
  • Polish your presentations.
  • Have fun, and make money at the same time.

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Newsflash: Women in Magic.

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When you visit Las Vegas.

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