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The Curator of Conjuring Curiosities – Jeff McBride’s Strange Collection of Magical Events

Hi friends! Abigail here, and it is so good to be connecting with you. You know, Jeff is usually a pretty happy fellow. He rarely gets angry, but when he does he’s able to talk about what’s going on. There is something that is really bugging him right now. I’ll let him tell you about it.

Jeff writes… 
It’s so sad!
It makes me angry, actually!

Most people are watching magic on their iPhone or devices, where even the biggest illusion is the size of a postage stamp. I think we are being cheated and manipulated. Online magic and media magic do not compare to the experience of an in-your-face, and in-your-heart, live magic experience! 

Magic is supposed to be seen live and in person! At its best, the goal of television and online magic is to get people out and about to experience magic live and in person. To help counter the diminishing effects of media magic, we have been working long and hard to design some exceptional magical experiences for you – and most of them are live in Las Vegas!

The Mystery School Experience at MAGIC Live

If you are going to be in Las Vegas on August 6 or August 10, we have a special event for you – an afternoon at the Magic & Mystery School, complete with a guided tour of our Museum of Wonders in the Library of Secrets. Consider this your personal invitation to come see our ferocious dragons and all the attractions! There will also be shows, lectures and other mysteries. If you’ve ever wanted to visit the Magic & Mystery School, now is your chance!

Card Magic Mastery

In September, we are hosting a very special weekend of Card Magic Mastery.  Imagine yourself with just a few students at the card table, learning the secrets of expert card technique.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced, this six-person class will take your card magic to the next level.

Award Winning Writing!
Congratulations to Simone Marron for receiving the Bamman-Willmarth award from the International Brotherhood of Magicians. This is the highest literary award given by this prestigious organization.

Many of you know Simone from her work with the Magic & Mystery School as our Social Organizer at many of our events here in Las Vegas, and she is also the editor of this newsletter. Congratulations, Simone, on such a milestone accomplishment for your excellence in magic writing!


We are hosting a one-time only event on September 21st – our WONDERGROUND Reunion!

Tickets are limited and are selling fast. Get yours here –

Magic and Meaning Conference 2023
Coming up soon will be our Magic and Meaning Conference, live online. Join us to hear speakers from all over the world talking about the most interesting subjects in the art of magic performance, entertainment, philosophy and more. Most importantly, we love the community that gathers. Students around the world get to connect one time a year – and this is that time!

If you are new to the Magic & Mystery School, or if you have been studying with us for years, this is our homecoming, and we welcome you into the Magic & Meaning community!
Private Lessons with Jeff McBride
We offer live in-person classes here at the Magic and Mystery School in Las Vegas, but you can also learn online. Contact or give her a call at 702-450-0021.

Abigail here again, chiming in at the end just to say thank you for reading, for staying connected to us, and for all the ways you continue to improve the art of magic. Jeff and I look forward to seeing you, either here in Las Vegas, or online, sometime soon.

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