Tales of a Road Warrior

Welcome my dear friends to another chapter of (cue dramatic music…)

Tales of a Road Warrior!

I was scared out of my mind! I was only 16 years old and had to travel to Japan for my very first international tour. I was the opening act for a salsa band called the Fania All Stars, a huge band of famous Latin musicians. My adventure to Japan was full of unexpected challenges, and I have learned so much over my years of traveling. Here are a few of the lessons I learned the hard way, that can help you avoid the mistakes I made.

Starry-eyed world traveler Jeff McBride, just 16 years old, preparing for his first tour of Japan. Jeff still performs that card manipulation act and can also teach you all the moves!

The Magic Flying Carpet

My touring show is like a real magic flying carpet that takes me all over the world. One of the great pleasures of touring is meeting so many wonderful friends and fans. However, one of the down sides of traveling is that often there are dangers and pitfalls on the path. Following are some professional travel tips so you can enjoy your adventures in style and comfort!

Managing Energy

One of the challenges that face traveling entertainers is energy management. In my early days of touring, I would arrive worn out from the travel, and it would take days to recover. Managing energy is challenging, especially when there is a major time change. I suggest you travel with earplugs and a sleep mask. I have trained myself to fall asleep and get deep rest as soon as I put these on. I rest most of the flight, and arrive at my destination with energy to spare. Strange hotel rooms often keep people up at night. The sleep mask and earplugs will help you get deep rest even in noisy surroundings.

Arrive in Style

Always be prepared for magic! You never know when your friends and fans will show up in numbers to welcome you. In the video below I was surprised, but I was ready with a few magic effects to please the paparazzi. You will see in the following video that arriving at the Voodoo Casino in Riga, Latvia, was a joy. (I’ve learned a lot in my nearly 50 years of international touring.) The organizers did a fine job of helping me “arrive in style!” Thank you Dace and Enrico Pezzoli, the organizers of the Magic Mania competition!


In my early years of traveling, just arriving in a new country was full of surprises. I learned early on that if you perform a bit of magic for the customs agents, it will help you pass through faster. But as soon as I passed customs and arrived in the lobby of the airport – boom,Surprise! Dozens of fans with video cameras rolling were there to “Welcome Jeff McBride” to their country. These days, everyone is shooting content for their social media, and you are the news they will be posting about. So remember, this is part of our job as performers. Always be prepared! Shakespeare said it best, “All the world’s a stage.”

Always Dress Like You are Going Somewhere Better Later

I learned this fashion tip from a NYC hipster back in the 80s. When you are out in public performing, look like a star both on stage and off. If a news reporter entered a crowded room, could they spot that you were the magician? It is always better to stand out in the crowd than to get lost in it. This doesn’t mean you must wear a tuxedo all the time. Just look the role of “the magician!” 

Packing Tips

There are only two kinds of luggage:

  1. Carry-on luggage 
  2. Lost luggage

Always take an emergency show with you in your carry on. Here is my “Emergency Show Case.”  This is an eyeglass case filled with my Commando Show, my most essential props. I can perform a 60-minute show with what is in this case. Quiz time, can you name all the routines I can do with the props in this photo?

Travel in clothing you can perform in, or have that in your carry on as well. Make sure to take a book and a sweater. You will always have time to read, and you can stay warm and cozy!
Traveling to Las Vegas
Why come to Las Vegas to study? First of all, Las Vegas is the magic capital of the world! At any given time, it features shows by the world’s greatest magicians and is an entertainment mecca. Further, this is where over 3,000 magicians live, including top magic celebrities. Finally, travel to Las Vegas is inexpensive and easy. There are reasonably-priced flights from every major city many times a day. Hotel rooms and food are also notoriously inexpensive here.

Make It a Vacation

Bring the family. Between the shows, free attractions, and all of the shopping on The Strip, Las Vegas is a great vacation spot. We try to schedule our events so that the students have free time for playing with friends and family while they are here. Go see a great magic show, have a fine dinner, visit amazing new attractions. There is so much to do. Call Abigail to set up your private in-person or online zoom class at 702-450-0021.

Complete information to plan your Vegas vacation here: https://www.magicalwisdom.com/about/las-vegas

So, with a spin of my cape and a wave of my magic wand, I vanish into thin air. But, each and every Monday night you can find me in the classroom for our online zoom class – Mystery School Monday. Just go to www.mcbridemagic.tv and I will magically reappear!
See you soon!

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